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Hollywood in the Valley

Hollywood in the Valley

Year: 2016

Genre: Entertainment

Director: Christine Thibeault

Producer: Matt Demers

Program Description:

Ottawa's very own pop culture expert, Matt “Mr. Hollywood” Demers, is your guide to the hottest entertainment events, places, and people in the Capital and across the country.


Season 2

Episode 1: Laugh It Up
Mr. Hollywood goes to the Just for Laughs festival and Improv Embassy in Ottawa to explore the entire gut-busting comedy spectrum – from world famous stand-up comedians to regular folks sharing their funniest jokes.

Season 1

Episode 1: The Sound of Fandamonium
What does it take to leave a lasting legacy and be a “fan favourite”? Mr. Hollywood finds out by visiting the Ottawa Pop Expo and the opening night of “Hollywood: The Epics”, a musical tribute to some of the most memorable movie themes of all time.

Episode 2: The Sporty Life
In this episode , Mr. Hollywood steps out of his comfort zone and explores a different kind of celebrities: sports stars. Mr. Hollywood is on a quest to find out where these sporty specimens fall in the celebrity spectrum and what exactly makes sports fans so fanatical about their athletic heroes.

Episode 3: I’m so fancy – living the red carpet lifestyle
This episode is all about living the red carpet life: getting one’s self pampered, styled and put together like a true celebrity. Mr. Hollywood heads out to learn the tips of the trade and embrace the red carpet lifestyle.

Episode 4: Get Your Geek On
Mr. Hollywood finds out what it means to let your inner geek run wild at Ottawa Comiccon, and discovers the city’s nerdy side at a Star Trek exhibit and game developer’s headquarters.

Episode 5: Rock On
With more than a little help from his friends, Mr. Hollywood releases his first hit single, thanks to Eric Eggleston from Johnny Hall Productions. He also chats with Ottawa-based band The PepTides, bands from NXNE, and the Bluesfest crowd to learn more about living like a rock star.

Episode 6: Oh the Horror!
Mr. Hollywood gets freaky at the Toronto Fan Expo and interviews Ottawa-based horror filmmaker Michael Horrigan. Will Saunder’s Farm and the Zombie Walk be scary enough to shake his coif?

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