Modern Girl’s Guide to Divorce

City: Ottawa
Producer: Katrina Turnbull
Genre: Entertainment
Host: Katrina Turnbull

Divorced single mom Katrina Turnbull is determined to rebuild her life and find happiness after her divorce. She meets with a team of experts who take her on wild adventures, including hunting, burlesque dancing, online dating, painting, demolishing furniture, aerial acrobatics, and skydiving.

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Season 1

Episode 1

Katrina Turnbull shows you how to live your best life after divorce with tips learned during her own divorce process. Guest expert and high-profile divorce attorney, Chantalle Sawision, shares her advice on how to save money on divorce lawyers and wrap up your divorce more quickly.

Episode 2

Real estate expert, John King, talks with Katrina about how to take advantage of the seller's market to get the most money out of your marital home. They also discuss what to look for as a newly divorced solo buyer to rebuild your equity in the real estate market.

Episode 3

Katrina chats with Linkedin trainer, Michaela Alexis, to find out how newly divorced stay-at-home parents can get back into the workforce and land their dream job after divorce.

Episode 4

Tax planner, Kody Wilson from GGFL meets up with Katrina and discusses how newly divorced singles can take charge of their finances and achieve financial independence on their own.

Episode 5

Katrina chats with dating matchmaker, Shannon Tebb, who gives a crash course on how to date after divorce. She shares how singles can find love at any age and how to become 100% date ready.

Episode 6

Divorce coach, Syeda Neary explains how to heal from the trauma of divorce and gives her tips on signs of a toxic marriage, how to co-parent with a difficult ex, and how to move on from your divorce.

Season 2

Episode 1 - Husband Hunting

Host Katrina Turnbull is divorced and on the hunt for a new husband. She meets with local hunting and trapping expert Jeff Morrison to learn the skills needed to catch that elusive trophy husband. Jeff shows Katrina a number of hunting techniques including animal calls, trapping skills, and crossbow shooting.

Episode 2 - Build Your Confidence

Host Katrina Turnbull meets with international burlesque performer Foxy Lexxi Brown to learn how to build confidence after divorce. Katrina’s performance skills are put to the test when Foxy puts her through burlesque bootcamp.

Episode 3 - Why You’re Still Single After Divorce

Five years after ending her marriage, host Katrina Turnbull is still no closer to finding love after divorce. Looking for answers, she sits down with a few of her closest friends to find out why she is still single. Katrina also chats with Jade Bianca, the world’s leading dating after divorce matchmaker.

Episode 4 - Men Have Feelings Too

Wanting to understand if men are as affected by divorce as women, Katrina chats with relationship analyst Brian C. Dunn, who shares research on how men are silently suffering and affecting modern dating culture. While painting their feelings about divorce, Katrina chats with divorced body builder Brett Ellenor.

Episode 5 - Scrap Your Married Junk

Sick of looking at furniture from her former marriage, host Katrina Turnbull turns to designer and TV personality Amanda Aerin for help. Divorced herself, Amanda explains how household objects can hold energy and prevent us from getting to the other side of divorce.

Episode 6 - Get Out of Bed and Get Moving

Wanting to encourage viewers to get up and get moving after divorce, host Katrina Turnbull visits with a newly single aerial instructor, who teaches clients to release divorce trauma from the body through movement. After performing some acrobatic stunts, Katrina takes these lessons to new heights by going skydiving.

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