Realm 2 - Poster

Realm 2

City: Hamilton-Niagara
Director: Babatunde Agunloye
Genre: Entertainment

Realm 2 follows the lives of various hopefuls whose goals are similar even though their lives have never crossed.

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Episode 1 - The Recent past

Lola ends her relationship with her unfaithful boyfriend Femi and suddenly finds herself into another relationship with Soji. She must consult the fortune teller to inquire if Soji is the man she will spend her future with.

Episode 2 - The Pain of the gifted

Tianna is back and with her are the memories of what the fortune teller did to her in the past. Her reveal is something the fortune teller was not prepared for and what she is currently not used to - losing the stability of life she has built for herself.

Episode 3 - Choice

A face-off begins between the fortune teller and Tianna. The fortune teller is offered the choice of giving up what she has now for what she used to have in the past.

Episode 4 - A false idea

The fortune teller is adamant about giving up the necklace and tries to continue offering services to the hopefuls. She confronts Tianna head on and at the same time braces herself for what the consequences are.

Episode 5 - Today is tomorrow, yesterday

Tianna proposes an exchange of Femi for the necklace. She must correct that even if it means letting go of everything she has come to build for herself.

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