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Secret Songs

Director: Joel MacDonald
Genre: Entertainment

Each episode of Secret Songs shows us a side of Prince Edward Island we’ve never seen, through the eyes of one of the province’s many songwriters. From beaches to kitchen parties, in cottages and forest clearings, the Island is bursting with stories told through song. Secret Songs shares how those songs came to be and the food, relationships, natural beauty and art that inspired them.

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Episode 1 - Lost in Dreams - Dylan Menzie

After getting burned out on the road, Dylan was inspired to write “Lost in Dreams”, an homage to the place he came from and couldn’t wait to get back to. He reflects on what he’s learned about navigating anxiety and giving way to being carried along by the currents around him.

Episode 2 - Seed Song - Meaghan Blanchard

When she hit a wall as an artist, Meaghan had to reassess why she was making music. She stepped into a challenging new phase: relocating to a coastal family farm and giving birth to her first child. “Seed Song” maps the journey of discovery she is in the middle of and embraces the flourishing of new life and new artistic freedom.

Episode 3 - Learning to Love - Logan Richard

Logan is just getting started on a promising music career, but the death of a family friend made him look at the world through new eyes. “Learning to Love” explains his new perspective on taking nothing for granted with the people you are close to.

Episode 4 - Turlutte Acadienne - Vishtèn

For Emmanuelle and Pastelle LeBlanc, kitchen parties were a regular part of life. Their musical heritage wasn’t something they had to discover; they’d been immersed in it from birth. Now, at a midpoint in their career as a band, they are exploring new opportunities and collaborations. “Turlutte Acadienne” hints at where they’ve come from and points the way to what’s next.

Episode 5 - Sky Blue - Kierrah

When she arrived on Prince Edward Island, Kierrah found herself separated from the family she relied on. “Sky Blue” is a song she wrote to help herself stay afloat in a period of grief. A community of new friends helped her bring it to life.

Episode 6 - Love Never Dies - Tara MacLean

Tara grew up off the grid on Prince Edward Island with her sister Shaye. She charts the story of their close relationship as it winds its way through separations, reunions and moments of tragedy. “Love Never Dies” speaks to the undying bond between the two of them.

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