The Supers, the Stoners and the Big Bad

City: Ottawa
Director: Alec Toller
Starring: Heather Marie Annis, Dana Fradkin, Maryse Fernandes, Gwenlyn Cumyn, Jinesea Bianca Lewis, Kate Herman & Alastair Forbes
Genre: Entertainment

The Supers, The Stoners and The Big Bad is a comedy about women and the internal and external expectations put on them. From having children, to markers of success, to the idea that they are supposed to be good and “save the world”. Women can be both vulnerable and silly, even when they are also powerful. This series shows even the noble and good heroes are not what you expect, and everyone has their own version of impostor syndrome.

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Episode 1

Middle aged best friends Lauren and Sammy get home from selling “Super Donuts” and decide it’s time to take action and defeat their self-judgment. As they delve into how to fulfill their childhood dreams, they fill out a joke application to become superheroes.

Episode 2

Lauren and Sammy are asked to join a real superhero team. Feeling like this must just be a pot induced fantasy, the duo take to the bathroom to discuss their options. A battle ensues when Super-Hunters show up, and one of the hunters ends up dead.

Episode 3

At the Supers base, the team fills Lauren and Sammy in on how a “Big Bad” scientist named Nola is using a new technology to cure warts that has resulted in some very intense and dangerous side effects, and that they need Lauren and Sammy’s help to stop the development of this machine.

Episode 4

Nola agrees to treat Lauren’s plantar wart. Once they have access to the building, the Supers overtake Nola and her security and disappear with the machine, leaving Lauren and Sammy stunned and confused.

Episode 5

Lauren and Sammy slink home with a pot hangover and their tails between their legs. Sammy reveals that, in a last ditch effort to thwart the Supers, she scooped up a piece of the wart machine. They panic, aware that the Supers might come back for it, and try to destroy it.

Episode 6

Lauren begs Nola to help her track the Supers before it’s too late for Sammy. When they find them, Nola and the three Supers face off in a classic superhero battle that Lauren and Sammy had only ever previously seen in the movies.

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