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Next Stage

City: Kitchener
Director: Paul Gardner
Genre: Entertainment
Host: Mark DeBonis

Mark DeBonis is a stand-up comedian and part time knowledge-sponge. Each episode is going to broaden his entertainment skills by observing and learning from the best, with the hope that it will lead him to the Next Stage.

To watch Next Stage:

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Episode 1

A Magician never reveals its magic tricks but that’s not going to stop Mark from asking.

Episode 2

Mark learns the ancient performance street art of Diablo and tries to give it his own spin with mixed results.

Episode 3

Mark learns that street performing can be a backbreaking experience when using a balloon to cushion your fall.

Episode 4

Mark needs to work on his confidence as he learns how physically demanding breakdancing is.

Episode 5

Mark is shown the ropes as he tries to become an aerialist despite his lack of skills and fear of heights.

Episode 6

Mark is determined to impress a strongman by trying to bend a horseshoe and challenging him to an arm wrestle.

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