The Ghosts of Prince Edward Island

City: Atlantic
Director: Nathan Sizemore
Genre: Entertainment

The Ghosts of Prince Edward Island shines a light on the unsolved murders, the haunted places, and the unexplained spiritual events of the Island’s past and present. Canada’s smallest province is full of stories of the baffling, the tragic and the entirely unexplainable.

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Episode 1 - Laying Hands on the Dead

When Ann Beaton is murdered in Orwell Rear in 1859, a shock runs through the small community. A jury of twelve local men is formed to formally determine what happened and the local coroner also discovers some crucial evidence as he performs an autopsy.

Episode 2 - We Fear for Our Lives

After Ann Beaton’s body is discovered, an investigator is sent to Orwell Rear to interview members of the community and identify a suspect. A search is commenced for evidence and arrests are made.

Episode 3 - The Burning of Marie Granville

There are multiple accounts of the only recorded witch burning on Prince Edward Island in 1721. Each version reveals layers of legend and surprising details from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Episode 4 - The Margate Horror

When Mary Tuplin is murdered in 1887, it creates a media sensation on Prince Edward Island. The investigation, arrest and trial are all brought to life in dramatized scenes taken directly from the newspaper reporting of the day.

Episode 5 - The Haunting of Yeo House

Yeo House was built by James Yeo, who at that time was the wealthiest man on Prince Edward Island. Today the house is a museum and host to dozens of stories of haunting and unexplained paranormal events.

Episode 6 - Ships and Shipwrecks

Prince Edward Island has seen many ships go down over the last few centuries around its coastline. A storyteller relates the tale of the doomed Fairy Queen from 1853.

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