Route 90 Sessions with Fred Penner

Director: Tanner Grywinski
Genre: Entertainment
Host: Fred Penner

World-famous family entertainer Fred Penner hosts this endearing and emotional musical variety series. Join Fred for powerful conversations with some of Canada’s most talented and well-known touring musicians. Fred isn’t your typical host. The experience and wisdom he has gained from a life on the road, and performing in front of others, lead him and his guests down some paths not typically associated with Fred, and makes for some incredibly moving and affecting conversations, punctuated with original musical performances by his guests.

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Episode 1 - William Prince

Fred sits down with Juno Award-winner William Prince. They discuss the responsibility that comes with being a famous musician, William’s views on how to live a life worth leaving to your children, as well as the ways that William’s own father raised him. Songs include Wasted, Lighthouse, and That’s All I’ll Ever Become.

Episode 2 - Sierra Noble

Fred talks with multi-talented musician Sierra Noble. They have been friends since Sierra was a kid, and now have the time to thoughtfully look back on their lives and new beginnings, and how amazing it feels to be comfortable in one’s own skin. Songs include Be Who You Be, Possibility and Let Me Out of Here.

Episode 3 - Al Simmons

In this special episode, Fred sits down with his best friend, entertainer Al Simmons. They started performing together in 1973, and now get a chance to reflect on their life-long friendship, and the life experience they’ve gained since starting their first band together. Songs include Alligator Teeth, Diggin’ A Hole, and We Came Here Too Late.

Episode 4 - The Bros. Landreth

Fred’s guests are the Bros Landreth. Joey and Dave have known Fred since they were boys, and have a chance to reflect on the choices they’ve made in their careers. They also chat about how music and family have shaped who they are as performers and songwriters. Songs include Made Up Mind, Got To Be You, and Let It Lie.

Episode 5 - JP Hoe

On this episode, Fred chats with musician JP Hoe. Drawing from years of friendship, Fred and JP reminisce over singing Christmas songs in Fred’s living room, as well as how fatherhood has changed them both into the entertainers they are today. Songs include Beautifully Crazy, When You Get In, and Where the Bullets Lie. Featuring Hayley Gene Penner.

Episode 6 - Begonia

Fred sits down with renowned singer Begonia. Born Alexa Durks, she and Fred discuss the faith and traditions they were both raised on, and how that has influenced and changed her views on humanity and performing for others as a career. Songs include Juniper, The Light, and Cold Fire. Featuring Jamie Taronno.

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