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Babatunde Agunloye

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Genre: Drama

Filmography: Realm 2

Babatunde Agunloye is a Nigerian-born Canadian director, editor, writer, and producer. He holds a diploma in film production from the Toronto Film School. Babatunde has directed multiple short films, including The Hallway and Third Scar, the latter of which he took home ‘Best Short Film’ at the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival. His latest directorial venture is the Fibe TV1 series Realm 2, which follows a group of hopefuls who share the desire to consult a fortune teller, but there are consequences as their futures are revealed.

What inspired you to get into filmmaking?

I’ve always loved to make movies. I’ve loved movies all my life, even back home in Nigeria. However, the environment I was in did not allow me to go head-on into filmmaking. When I moved to Canada, I decided to go to film school and learn all that I could about filmmaking and the craft.

What are the subject matters that interest you the most when it comes to your storytelling?

I am interested in stories that relate to communities and real-life stories. I believe my area of strength is telling stories from an African and South American immigrant perspective because that is what I am familiar with. I know how they think, I know what their problems are, and I know how they feel. So for me, it’s really easy to tap into that knowledge and tell stories about them and their experiences.

How has TV1 helped in the process of making the show?

TV1 has been a big help during the entire process. Even during post-production, the producers always guided us in a direction that gave the show the best outcome possible. I know for many filmmakers, there is a nervousness around working with others and feeling as if you’ve lost ownership of your work. That was not the case at all with TV1. They were able to give direction without making you feel like you weren’t in control anymore, and that is what made the partnership work.