Neighbourhood Tales

City: Quebec City
Genre: Docuseries
Host: Émilie Vallières

Neighbourhood Tales draws the portrait of five neighborhoods in Quebec City through residents who share their experiences and challenges. Limoilou, Old Quebec, Sainte-Foy, Saint-Sauveur and Saint-Roch: all these neighbourhoods shelter citizens who want to improve their community and inspires others to do the same.

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Episode 1 - Saint-Roch

Historian Alexandre Tremblay Lamarche walks through the mistakes of the past in Saint-Roch and raises awareness on the consequences of poor urban planning. In this no man's land, the artist Nicolas Chalifour expresses his creativity by painting murals on the pillars.

Episode 2 - Sainte-Foy Cap-Rouge

At first sight, Sainte-Foy appears to be an ultramodern neighbourhood but it is just one of its many historical layers. Through the experience of the soul singer, Meika Palmer, discover how vibrant and diverse the sector is. The artist also highlights the difficulties faced by pedestrians who have to navigate wide boulevards that are mostly designed for cars.

Episode 3 - Old Québec

The Old Québec neighbourhood has more to offer than an aesthetic postcard. The history enthusiast, Gordon Brown, and passionate homeowner, Jean-Michel Deblois, go behind the scenery. Both have a desire to regain the human scale of their community with real services for the population.

Episode 4 - Saint-Sauveur

Through its narrow streets and modest houses built one upon another, Saint-Sauveur keeps the memory of a working class neighbourhood. Dave Fortin, a bonsai collector, opens the door of its hidden backyard. Hip-hop singer Mathieu Deschênes shares his favourite spots while he explains how the sector has changed with gentrification. The co-owner of a new business, Cynthia Bureau shares her thoughts on how the neighbourhood should remain suitable for everyone.

Episode 5 - Limoilou

Limoilou residents share everything, from green spaces to tools for their houses. They also share an important challenge: port activities and nearby highways negatively affect air quality. Raymond Poirier explains the initiatives put in place by citizens themselves to monitor and reduce the impact of pollution.

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