Our Stories

City: London
Genre: Lifestyle
Host: Temo Primrose Gare

'Our Stories' provides a platform to people from marginalized communities to tell their stories in their own voices. Join journalist Temo Primrose Gare, as she has critical and thought-provoking discussions with community leaders and survivors with lived experiences about the big issues that are affecting our communities today, such as racism, homelessness, drug addiction, transgender discrimination etc.

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Episode 1

J. Philippe Rushton was a professor and faculty member at Western University in the Department of Psychology from 1977 to 2012. During his tenure at Western, Rushton conducted research studies based on race and intelligence, arguing that other races were intellectually and socially superior than the Black race. Donna Pascal and Kizito Serumaga were students at Western University during Rushton's time. In this episode, they recall and share how it was like being Black students at Western University during that time.

Episode 2

Statistically Black and Indigenous people - mostly Black men are disproportionately subjected to use of force by the police. There are practices within the criminal justice system, such as the Community Contacts Policy (or street checks), which people argue that they systematically target Black, Indigenous and People of Colour. Christien Levien is a young Black man who sought justice after falling victim to law enforcement. In this episode, he tells his story. MPP Suze Morisson and Leroy Hibbert are subject matter experts, and they give their professional insights on this topic.

Episode 3

Pastor Juniah Joplin and Amanda Pearson are transgender women who have faced adversities in their lives due to revealing their transgender identities. In this episode, they share their experiences on how it's like living as a transgender woman in today's society, and the kinds of discriminations they face. Robyn Hodgson is a nursing practitioner who provides health care services to the trans community, and she shares what kind of resources are available for transgender people.

Episode 4

Dhan Rai is a single mom of 3 children who fled Bhutan during a civil war and settled in a Nepalese refugee camp in Nepal. She later came to Canada as a refugee claimant. Rai is now a new Canadian citizen rebuilding her life, and she shares about her journey. Valerian Marochko and Melanie Grant-Collins offer services to immigrants and they give more insights on some of the challenges immigrants face as they settle in Canada, and where they can get help and/or resources to overcome these obstacles.

Episode 5

Kirk Foat and Sarah Smith do not fit the stereotype of what a lot of people perceive as drug addicts. That is because they are both accomplished in their respective professions, and they don't live in the street. But somehow, they found themselves battling with substance addiction. Kirk Foat and his wife Anna Foat share Kirk's long battle with addiction to prescribed opioids. Sarah Smith shares about her struggle with cocaine addiction. Jennifer Vale offers recovery and rehabilitation services to drug addicts, and she sheds more light on this topic.

Episode 6

Loretta Wettlaufer and Melissa Currie lost everything due to homelessness. Both of these women share their harrowing experiences of life in the streets, homeless and depending on sex work to get the next meal. Jaclyn Seeler helps homeless women in finding employment and housing, and Steve Cordes leads an organization that offers programs to homeless youth and youth at risk to get back on their feet. They both share resources available to those in need.

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