Dark Hours

City: Oshawa
Director: Ben Stacey
Genre: Entertainment
Host: Paul Silliphant

Since he was a child Paul Silliphant has had encounters with the paranormal. This led to him becoming a paranormal investigator. Now he documents occurrences of paranormal activity and searched for the truth about what happens in the Dark Hours.

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Season 1

Episode 1 - The Oshawa Museum

The Oshawa Museum has had many reports of paranormal activity. This episode explores the encounters experienced by staff and visitors to the Oshawa Museum.

Episode 2 - The Uxbridge Historical Centre

The Uxbridge Historical Centre is a village of historic buildings representing life in the area during the 1800s. It also is the site of much reported paranormal activity.

Episode 3 - Town Hall 1873

Right in the middle of Port Perry, Ontario sits the Town Hall 1873. It was the original town hall and jail but now serves as a theatre. Theatres seem to be a hotbed of unexplained occurrences. Town Hall 1873 is no different.

Episode 4 - Scugog Shores Museum

Near Lake Scugog is the Scugog Shores Museum. It is a collection of eleven historic buildings. Even though some are not original to the site, they appear to have brought something ghostly with them.

Episode 5 - The Olde Gaol Museum

In Lindsay, Ontario is the Olde Gaol Museum. The former jail, now a museum, has a past with many stories. Some of those stories seem to still be there today. It is a place full of paranormal activity.

Episode 6 - The Aftermath

Paul and his group of paranormal investigators discuss the events featured in previous episodes. Are they paranormal, or is there a more mundane explanation?

Season 2

Episode 1 - The Lantern Lady

In 1863 a woman lost her family in a fire. Since then she has been haunting the fields near her former home as she searches for her family.

Episode 2 - The King George Inn

The King George Inn in Cobourg, Ontario, was once a Governor's mansion and later a jail. Now it is an Inn, but the ghosts of the past still haunt the place.

Episode 3 - The Uxbridge Music Hall

Theatres have a long history of being haunted. The Uxbridge Music Hall is no different. Hear the tales of ghostly experience at this theatre.

Episode 4 - Durham Escape Rooms

Durham Escape Rooms in Whitby, Ontario, is a great place for fun, but it also seems to have acquired quite a few spirits. Strange things have been experienced by both staff and visitors.

Episode 5 - Investigating Durham Escape Rooms

The paranormal investigation team, Proof, investigates what is happening at Durham Escape Rooms. One of the team has a very personal experience.

Episode 6 - Personal Experiences

Paranormal investigator, Paul Silliphant recounts some of his personal experiences with the paranormal from childhood to the present.

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