We Are Golden

City: Kingston
Genre: Sports

The history of Queen's University football is golden. We pass it back to the past to tell some of the greatest and unbelievable stories from the Golden era of Queen's football. Grey Cup champions, heroes of two World Wars, a pandemic, an NHL Player, and Pro Wrestler, are all part of the victories and defeats of the stories told in this docuseries.

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Episode 1

Fresh out of the first World War, the Spanish Flu and almost ceasing to exist, Queen's University finds a way to win one of Canada's most historic sports trophies, three times. This is the story of one of the greatest dynasties in Grey Cup history.

Episode 2

Carl Voss is one of only three people to have his name on both the Grey Cup (with Queen's University) and the Stanley Cup as a player. Those are not the only historic credits he has to his name. In Voss' life you can find the answer to several trivia questions, and that includes his rare achievement with the two cups.

Episode 3

There was no Football played during the First World War, but there were certainly incredible stories of football players. George Richardon's legacy and Ernie Sliter's unbelievable tale of survival are just two reasons why they earned the title, the original iron men.

Episode 4

In 1934, 25% of the Football team was suspended, coach Ted Reeve refused to call up more players and instead forged ahead with the 14 players that remained. With a newspaper reporter coach, a player who lost an eye, and a captain that put family before a pro sports career, find out why they are known as the Fearless 14.

Episode 5

In the final of the Fearless 14 and the We Are Golden series, what happens to this team? A team that includes a future Pro Wrestler, one of the university's greatest Quarterbacks ever, and a player that is murdered, attempts to fearlessly make history.

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