North Pro Canadian Wrestling

City: Atlantic
Director: Eric Doucet
Genre: Sports
Host: André Myette & Kris Corey

Based out of Moncton, New Brunswick, North Pro Canadian Wrestling showcases its fast and exciting professional wrestling action. See the top Canadian wrestling stars from Quebec and Atlantic Canada as they battle it out in a tournament to determine the next North Pro Champion.

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Episode 1 - A New Beginning

Markus Burke announces an eight-man tournament to determine a new North Pro champion. However, a former friend, “Dynamite” Dylan Davis, shows his true colors as he confronts his former mentor.

Episode 2 - Fractured

“Hardcore” Channing Decker faces Quebec’s top wrestling star “Champion du monde” Marko Estrada as the tournament to crown a new champion continues!. The winner moves on to face Mike Marston, but who will come out on top?

Episode 3 - Questions

Concerned for his longtime friend, “Old School” Andre Myette sets out to confront Troy Merrick and question his actions that saw Chris Cooke become disfigured. Those same actions have Merrick’s Teammates in Fracture questioning his actions and tensions start to grow.

Episode 4 - Revenge

Chris Cooke gets what he wants, a sanctioned match against Troy Merrick. But the disfigured ‘monster’ isn’t looking for a wrestling match. He is out for revenge. But will he go too far? And with the tension rising between Merrick and Sabotage, what role will Fracture play?

Episode 5 - Dog Days

After the sneak attack by Charlie Hubley and Legit on Mike Marston, Marston calls Hubley out. Fracture try to get back on the same page as Sabotage takes on the Maritime Rockers and Lincoln Steen takes on J.P. Simms.

Episode 6 - Chain Gang

With things escalating between Marston and Charlie Hubley, Hollywood Cole and Nick Strong, also known as ‘Legit’, take on Marston in a 2-to1 match. Will Marston get his revenge?

Episode 7 - Direct Message

Dylan Davis vows to send a message to Markus Burke as he wrestles North Pro Canadian Wrestling newcomer Alex Silva. Will Markus take the bait?

Episode 8 - P-A-R-T-why? Because Marko wants to!

Markus Burk wants André Myette to keep “Champion du monde” from partying so he can be ready for his championship tournament finals match against Dick Durning. However, that proves to be a bigger challenge than expected.

Episode 9 - The Mask

Chris Cooke has vowed revenge. Now he is in action, but North Pro Wrestling officials fear further damage to his face may finally push him over the edge. Is Cooke competing the best for his sanity?

Episode 10 - And NEW ….

The North Pro Wrestling Standing Eight Tournament Finals is set: Dick Durning vs. Marko Estrada. Who will become the new North Pro Champion?

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