Uma loft sessions

City: Windsor
Producer: Kamryn Cusumano
Director: Elliott Hale
Genre: Music

Our mission with Uma Sessions is to help tell the story of Windsor as a music city by highlighting these artists capturing a moment in time in our music scene today.

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Episode 1 - Datsunn

Datsunn is a multidisciplinary artist and producer based in Windsor, Ontario. Kamryn and Datsunn discuss topics ranging from Datsunn’s career, online communities like Reddit and Twitch, as well as Datsunn’s collaboration with Ninth Wonder.

Episode 2 - Bitters

Bitters is a true hidden gem in the local music scene in Windsor, Ontario, known for their trademark vocal harmonies and out-of-the-box arrangements. Kamryn discusses with Bitters, comparisons to Beach Boys, long walks in a forest, DIY venues, and Bitters Thursday.

Episode 3 - Bilal Nasser

Bilal Nasser is a Palestinian-Canadian guitarist and composer from Windsor, Ontario. Bilal discusses with Kamryn incorporating a skateboard into his recording, singing into his guitar, and various other ways he has created unique sounds in his new album that was recorded within Uma Loft.

Episode 4 - Willowbrook

Willowbrook is a folk musician from Windsorand have a unique lyrical style heavily inspired by nature. Mike and Willowbrook discuss how they write their music, and what the music and arts community is like within Windsor.

Episode 5 - Apollo Suns

Apollo Suns is a six-piece instrumental collective from Winnipeg, Manitoba. The band fuses the influence of jazz, rock and psychedelic music, to create their unique sounds with the dancefloor in mind. Kamryn and Apollo Suns discuss the best shawarma spots in Windsor, as well as how they see their process while performing and recording.

Episode 6 - Bishop Boys

The Bishop Boys are a singer/songwriter duo from Windsor, Ontario. Their thoughtful, introspective lyrics create narratives on themes of love, heartbreak, and carefree summer nights. Kamryn and The Bishop Boys discuss music created in Windsor and their connections with Pelee Island.

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