Spinning Stories

City: Windsor
Director: Syx Langemann
Genre: Music
Host: Syx Langemann

Join Syx Langemann on a journey through 'Spinning Stories' as he connects with fellow vinyl collectors, record store owners, and bands in pursuit of his ultimate grail: the rare Clutch Elephant Riders record.

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Side 1

Host Syx Langemann explores what inspires people to collect vinyl and reminisce with collectors about the first album they purchased. Next, a look inside Dr. Disc, Windsor’s longest-running vinyl music shop and a chat with singer-songwriter Brendan Scott Friel.

Side 2

A visit to the haunted Vintage and Vinyl, flipping sides to get deep into the groove and talking with bands about current record production options as well as learning the art of creating records at Red Spade Records.

Side 3

Collectors discuss vinyl collections they inherited and break down their preferred album organization style. Syx takes a trip to Windsor’s newest record shop and has a chat with Pony, Windsor’s cutest band.

Side 4

Local collectors reveal their vinyl-spinning rituals to Syx. Canadian record store chain Sunrise Records chimes in on the vinyl resurgence. Musician Tim Swaddling discusses the creative process and live recording.

Side 5

Collectors get nostalgic discussing their feel-good albums as well as delve into the value of vinyl. The band Talking Violet gives insight into creating a vinyl package and yet another visit to local shop Galaxy Records.

Side 6

TNT - A Blast From The Past shows off a load of eye candy from covered art to coloured vinyl while father/son record enthusiasts Dave & Sammy share how collecting brings a community connection.

Side 7

A record store expands with a second family location, a lesson in cleaning vinyl, and Syx begins creating his own limited edition record. Discussing anniversary releases is Jeff Burrows, drummer of the acclaimed band Tea Party.

Side 8

Alt-rockers Huttch talk about the band’s first vinyl release. Syx hosts a pop-up record shop and experiences the vinyl community through record shows and the popular national Record Store Day.

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