Farm to Fork

City: Kitchener
Producer: Julian Wierzbicki
Genre: Food
Host: Nick Benninger

Farm to Fork is a lifestyle cooking show that follows chef Nick Benninger as he visits farm to gate vendors throughout the Waterloo region. Nick explores the farmers’ background and history and gives a behind-the-scenes look into their daily lives.

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Episode 1 - Mountainoak Cheese

Chef Nick visits Adam and Hannie van Bergeijk, fifth generation dairy farmers who came to Canada from Holland in the early 90’s. While they loved their new country, they found there was a paucity of descent cheese. Since they couldn’t find good Gouda, they decided to make it themselves.

Episode 2 - Wisahkotewinowak

Dave Skene was a homeless Indigenous kid living on the streets of West End Vancouver, when he got an opportunity to work on a farm in Mexico. After Dave found purpose and meaning by connecting to the land, he now wants to share his journey and inspire the next generation of indigenous youth to follow a similar path.

Episode 3 - Fall Harvest Farm

The Kittle Farm, now run by Rose and Josephine McCormick, has been around since before Canada was a country. They produce: pigs, goats, chickens, bees, and a variety of vegetables, but what they are really known for is pumpkins.

Episode 4 - Shuh Orchards

Robert and Lisa Shuh are multigenerational farmers with a son who plans on taking over the business once they hang it up. After trying a variety of crops Robert determined, despite the challenges of the winds, cold and soil type of the region, apples might be viable.

Episode 5 - Jewels Under the Kilt

Liz Burrow is a concert musician, turned chef, turned palliative care worker. She has reinvented herself numerous times, but she found her true calling as a nut farmer.

Episode 6 - Oakridge Acres

Mark and Jesse Gerber of OakRidge Acres are the farmers in the last episode of the season. Mark has been an organic beef farmer his whole life. But in 2004, when the industry was decimated by Mad Cow Disease, Mark new he had to make changes

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