Barbour & Saku Through the Woods

City: Atlantic
Starring: Justin Barbour
Genre: Outdoor Adventures

Justin Barbour goes on a long expedition through the Newfoundland woods with his dog Saku. There is wildlife, fish and rarely seen wilderness galore. Together the companions explore, challenge themselves and kick back by the fire. The peace, beauty and unpredictability of nature is all around them.

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Episode 1

Justin and Saku get dropped on the fringes of Newfoundland’s 2,895km2 Bay Du Nord Wilderness Reserve, which is one of the last untamed tracts of wild on the island. The next two months will be spent far from civilization, as they explore its woods and waterways... but it won’t be easy! The trip begins with big lakes and tricky upriver travel but the rewards of raw, natural experiences and tight fishing lines await. The adventure begins!

Episode 2

Barbour and Saku inch further into the remote heart of the Newfoundland wilderness, where diverse wildlife lurks around each corner. The fish sizzle in the pan but a difficult portage around a dangerous river canyon is also on the menu.

Episode 3

The boys settle into life in the woods! The expedition continues as they push towards the wild Kaegudeck Lake and beyond, where they find unique experiences with Caribou, Moose and a Bear! And of course there’s fish for supper.

Episode 4

The Bay Du Nord Wilderness continues to impress as Barbour and Saku explore some of its least known areas. The blistering summer sun has narrow headwater streams thirsty and the adventurers too. Demanding portages in the heat over treacherous bush and boulders. The work is cut out for Barbour & Saku to reach their desired lake.

Episode 5

Barbour and Saku continue to investigate the fascinating Bay Du Nord Wilderness area before beginning their descent to the Atlantic Ocean. They see their first human in 30 days and admire the Middle Ridge Caribou herd who are always nearby.

Episode 6

After many days and nights in Newfoundland’s magical and unforgiving wilderness the 100km downriver trip begins. Many lakes, portages, rapids and waterfalls stand between the boys and their Atlantic Ocean finish. Bellies are getting hungrier and they hope fishing picks up again.

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