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this is it actually.

Genre: Entertainment
Host: jeni b.

Now more than ever, the world needs human connection. One of the best ways to connect to others is through our stories. Based on the podcast, this is it actually, host jeni b gets behind the wheel of a vintage Westfalia to drive to unique & small communities to meet the people that make up the fabric of the town.

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Episode 1 - this is the shopkeeper actually

Jeni tells the story of growing up with a general store attached to her house. She drives Wanda the Westfalia to Blueberry Moon by the Bay in Barrie, Ontario to hear the stories of shop owner Heather Kennedy.

Episode 2 - this is the baker actually

Jeni tells the story of growing up in a small town with good neighbours. She drives Wanda the Westfalia to Lenjo Bakes in Kitchener, Ontario to hear the stories of owner & head baker Lenore Johnson.

Episode 3 - this is the beekeeper actually

Jeni tells the story of following bliss & going after dreams. She drives Wanda the Westfalia to Osprey Bluffs Honey Company in Osprey, Ontario to hear the stories of beekeeper & farmer Hugh Simpson.

Episode 4 - this is the mechanic actually

Jeni tells the story of small town living & the freedom of getting her first car. She then drives Wanda the Westfalia to Christine’s Automotive in Kitchener, Ontario to hear the stories of owner & mechanic Christine Beck.

Episode 5 - this is the influencer actually

Jeni tells a story of self-love and acceptance. She drives Wanda the Westfalia to Towne Bowl in Kitchener, Ontario to hear the stories of mega-influencer Spencer Barbosa.

Episode 6 - these are the tattoo artists actually

Jeni tells the story of each of her tattoos. She then drives Wanda the Westfalia to True Ink Tattoo in Kitchener, Ontario to hear the stories of tattoo artitsts Marcel Mairovitz and Tommy Constantinou.

Episode 7 - this is the chefs actually

Jeni tells a story of food and community. She drives Wanda the Westfalia to Taste of Soul in Wasaga Beach, Ontario to hear the stories of chefs and musicians Gwyn Beaver and Shawn Pitre.

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