The Show Must Go On

City: Winnipeg
Director: Gwendolyn Collins, Andraea Sartison & Adam Charbonneau
Genre: Comedy

Gwen and Andraea are One Trunk, a professional theatre company in Winnipeg. They team up with a rural amateur theatre company, the Pinawa Players, to write a play together from scratch.

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Episode 1 - Nerds x Artists = Theatre

Gwen and Andraea, from professional theatre company One Trunk Theatre in Winnipeg travel to Pinawa, Manitoba to work with the Pinawa Players, an amateur rural theatre troupe. The goal is to create an original play together, but first Gwen and Andraea will have to learn all about Pinawa and its history.

Episode 2 - Back to Pinawa!

After an amazing first creation workshop with the Pinawa Players, it’s now time for Gwen and Andraea to write the first draft of the script. But they soon find out they will need more inspiration and go, back to Pinawa.

Episode 3 - Break a Leg

Gwen and Andraea hire intern Tanner to help them finish the script, but it’s an uphill battle getting everyone on the same page. Even with a few hot heads in the room, a final draft of the script is created and rehearsals are underway.

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