The Canoe Project

City: Atlantic
Director: Gaelen Patrick Condon (Season 1); Shara Désirée King (Season 2)
Starring: R. Mark Harnett & Jimmy Mackinley
Genre: Comedy

After being apprehended and serving jail time for misusing government money to make a documentary about Canoe with unsavoury intentions, Richard is released on early parole. This time the tables have turned as Lise & Yvonne are making a documentary about Richard’s rehabilitation in hope of reeducating him on Inuit culture.

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Season 1

Episode 1

Richard welcomes Canoe to the capital city. When he tries to show Canoe some history and culture, things quickly go off the rails.

Episode 2

Canoe finally moves into his hotel and Richard plans for the arrival of Canoe’s family.

Episode 3

When Minister Smith invites Richard to a ‘Minister’s Party’ to show off Canoe, Richard has to work fast to get Canoe presentable.

Episode 4

Canoe is lured away from the project to become the leader of a mysterious Indigenous organization. Meanwhile, a furious Minister Smith says he expects to meet Canoe soon.

Episode 5

Richard is at the end of his rope as time is running out for him to find Canoe. As the search continues, Canoe is about to live his dream of being a stand-up comedian.

Episode 6

Minister Smith arrives to finally meet Canoe and see what the Canoe Project is all about for the most important Thanksgiving dinner in Canadian History.

Season 2

Episode 1 - Jailbreak

Canoe and Lise wait outside the gates of St. John’s Penitentiary and Richard is released. Lise has convinced the government to fund another documentary project - this time the subject is the rehabilitation and reeducation of Richard, as he must live under the supervision of Lise and the gang.

Episode 2 - Shed Party

It’s Richards’s first night out of the pen and Lise is throwing a shed party, in the shed where he is supposed to be living. Making no effort to enjoy the festivities, Richard is miserable and Lise is loving it.

Episode 3 - Conditions

Lise finally sits Richard down to interview him and put the conditions of his parole on tape. His unsurprising reaction infuriates her, luckily she has her trusty bong and support from Yvonne to keep her cool.

Episode 4 - Investors Meeting

Lise takes out the the fancy china as she is hosting a dinner party for Canoe Brew’s potential Investors. Lise, Canoe and Yvonne are dressed to the nines. They are all focused on the task at hand and mean business.

Episode 5 - Traditions with Anaana

Take a peek inside the inner workings of the Canoe family. In the spirit of her role as Richard’s Indigenous Communications Officer, Yvonne has brought Richard into their home for a day in hopes of enlightening him to some of their culture.

Episode 6 - You’ve got Yourself a Deal

The investors come for a Brewery tour and Richard jeopardizes the deal. Canoe, Lise and Yvonne worryingly await word from the investors and Richard joins them. Canoe takes a phone call and shares the big news.

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