The Canoe Project

City: Atlantic
Director: Gaelen Patrick Condon
Starring: R. Mark Harnett & Jimmy Mackinley
Genre: Comedy

A government bureaucrat blackmails a Labrador Indigenous man to move to the capital city to become more urban.

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Episode 1

Richard welcomes Canoe to the capital city. When he tries to show Canoe some history and culture, things quickly go off the rails.

Episode 2

Canoe finally moves into his hotel and Richard plans for the arrival of Canoe’s family.

Episode 3

When Minister Smith invites Richard to a ‘Minister’s Party’ to show off Canoe, Richard has to work fast to get Canoe presentable.

Episode 4

Canoe is lured away from the project to become the leader of a mysterious Indigenous organization. Meanwhile, a furious Minister Smith says he expects to meet Canoe soon.

Episode 5

Richard is at the end of his rope as time is running out for him to find Canoe. As the search continues, Canoe is about to live his dream of being a stand-up comedian.

Episode 6

Minister Smith arrives to finally meet Canoe and see what the Canoe Project is all about for the most important Thanksgiving dinner in Canadian History.

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