Southern Shore

City: Atlantic
Producer: G. Patrick Condon
Director: Justin Oakey
Genre: Docuseries

Southern Shore explores the history and folklore of an iconic strip of land in Newfoundland & Labrador.

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Episode 1 - The Bay of the Dead

Pushing through the fog in the remote outport of Trepassey, discover the undeniable link between the Basque and Breton people of France and Spain and the Trepassey area through landmarks and their names.

Episode 2 - Polar Bears in the Harbour

Polar bears have become a reoccurring issue in the fishing village of Petty Harbour-Maddox Cove. Through authentic artifacts and traditional songwriting, hear about the unique visitors who find their way into Motion Bay on the ice floes.

Episode 3 - A Cow in the Bay of Bulls

The last time an army raided the Southern Shore, they left nothing behind. Check out a portrait of the determination and resilience in rural Newfoundland as well as a peek into the way Newfoundland has been caught up in world affairs.

Episode 4 - The Devil on the Shore

Devil's Rock in the town of Renews-Cappahayden is where a local priest came across the Devil himself. The naming of Devil’s Rock speaks to the importance of oral tradition in Newfoundland and is tied to the rich cultural heritage of the province.

Episode 5 - The Sad Face of Winter

Discover the famed colony of Avalon, also known as the town of Ferryland, one of the first European settlements in the whole of North America. Discover some of the earliest evidence that Newfoundland winters have always been unpredictable – even four hundred years ago.

Episode 6 - The Whales of Cape Broyle

Cape Broyle is home to one of the few whaling stations on the Avalon Peninsula. For better or for worse, Newfoundland and Labrador is often overlooked in the global story of whaling despite having always played a part in this fascinating and complicated history.

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