Pink Is In

City: Hamilton-Niagara
Producer: Lisa Crawford
Director: Aharon Jinjihashvili & Trish Rainone
Genre: Comedy

With Season 2 the insanity continues at Chatsworth, the most dysfunctional women’s prison on the planet. The administration continues to lose control of the unruly inmates. Don’t despair, it’s still a fun hang!

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Season 1

Episode 1

Warden Morgan Dungworth gets word she has to start cutting corners. New inmate and wealthy socialite, Antoinette DeWilde, becomes a ‘cake stand’. Why does inmate 2373336 get anything she demands from Warden Dungworth?

Episode 2

Top Dog stays in control by issuing freshly minted ‘Top Dog’ dollars. Prisoner Ol’ Granny BJ, a former 70’s matinee idol, knows all the juiciest gossip and she loves to share! The third escape of the year has Chatsworth Hamilton in lockdown.

Episode 3

Chatsworth escapees, Twister and Dr. Love, make their way to Niagara, intent on digging up a valuable box. The inmates place wagers on a cage match featuring dolls. CEO Pip Barnett smuggles inmate Hottie out of Chatsworth to party in Hess Village.

Episode 4

Warden Dungworth’s fundraiser, ‘selfie with a con’, is a dismal failure. Top Dog tries to shake down Princess, but discovers she has met an adversary. Morgan Dungworth’s date night becomes a bad babysitting job.

Season 2

Episode 1 - LaShawndra The Therapist

Hottie is happy to be offering ‘Bad Boy Sessions’ but only if you show up as a Furry. Guard Fluffer is the first person on earth to be offended by a cup of coffee. Escapees Twister and Dr. Love hitch a ride with a guy but only because he has a shovel. CEO Pip Barnett hires a much needed therapist for the inmates, but it’s Warden Dungworth who monopolizes all the sessions.

Episode 2 - Crying, The Great Soul Cleanser

Top Dog places an order for a 3D printer. Hottie, Stella and Lover Girl decide it’s time to get hitched. A PSA film crew solicits inmate opinions about Chatsworth. New inmate Ruby LaRue arrives at Chatsworth. Warden Dungworth’s obsession with the ‘Studs Or Duds’ dating site lands her at a motel in the kiss suite.

Episode 3 - Peelers, Cheaters & A 3D Printer

Pip Barnett tries to keep Warden Dungworth on her toes by bringing in a ‘by the book’ exchange Warden from Eastern Europe. Top Dog has an interesting session with LaShawndra the Therapist. Guard Fluffer is coerced into smuggling in a male stripper. Top Dog’s 3D printer arrives at Chatsworth and the toys it creates are grand!

Episode 4 - Oh, Come On

Guard Fluffer organizes a poorly attended climate change rally. Dr. Love and Twister dig for buried treasure, not easy when you’ve been sampling wine all day. Warden Dungworth and her boss Pip Barnett get arrested while on a blind date. LaShawndra the Therapist meets the exchange Warden, Colonel Kwoka. IQ gets locked in The Hole and it’s not that bad!

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