Opening Night

City: Winnipeg
Director: Ivan Hughes
Genre: Entertainment

Opening Night takes you behind the scenes of the revered Manitoba Chamber Orchestra to reveal how composers create, musicians rehearse and get ready, and how all of it comes together for a live performance on opening night. Featuring Oboist Caitlin Broms-Jacobs, Folksinger Raine Hamilton, Sopranos Tracy Dahl and Andriana Chuchman, percussionist Victoria Sparks and the music of the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra.

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Episode 1 - Mountain Henge

Singer songwriter Raine Hamilton is used to performing with a three-piece band in coffee shops and local stages. When they’re asked to perform with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, it requires a new arrangement and a lot more creativity.

Episode 2 - The Sopranos

Tracy Dahl and Andriana Chuchman are internationally renowned singers who perform on stages around the world. When they’re invited back to their hometown of Winnipeg to perform with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, it is a special gift to the performers and the audience.

Episode 3 - Waking the Lion

Percussionist Victoria Sparks is used to accompanying the orchestra from the rear of the stage. When an original composition is created that requires her to use a wide range of percussive instruments and become the focus of the performance, it brings extra pressure and an opportunity to shine.

Episode 4 - Prayer in a Green Cathedral

The oboe is an instrument that usually provides background to performances. When Composer Kevin Lau worked with Oboist Caitlin Broms-Jacobs to create a new composition that will be premiered with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, the full potential of the oboe’s music is revealed.

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