Lacrosse Generations

City: Hamilton-Niagara
Producer: Michael Summers
Genre: Sports

Lacrosse Generations is a touching story of a father passing down the game of lacrosse to his son. Kalen Sr. tells Kalen Jr. all about the Fort Erie Hawks, wooden lacrosse sticks and getting recruited by universities to play lacrosse in the United States. Lacrosse is much more than just a game to Kalen Sr., it’s a tradition.

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Episode 1 - Fort Erie Hawks

For Kalen Bennett Sr., lacrosse is a way of life. He aims to pass his knowledge about lacrosse down to his son who is just beginning a lacrosse journey of his own.

Episode 2 - Wooden Lacrosse Stick

Traditionally lacrosse was played with sticks made of wood. As we meet a traditional lacrosse stick maker, he shows the process of making a wooden stick and explains its importance to the Haudenosaunee people.

Episode 3 - The Love of the Game

Learn what recruiters are looking for in potential lacrosse players for their university teams. Plus, in a heartfelt moment, Kalen Sr. gives a gift to his son that represents a passing of the torch in his family.

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