City: Atlantic
Director: Ben Cummings
Genre: Lifestyle
Host: Nicole Allain & Ben Cummings

Ben and Nicole are two modern homesteaders with the goal of learning how to be self-sufficient and off the grid. This season, much to Nicole’s dismay, Ben overcommits to a plethora of projects, which leads to the unfortunate death of animals and stress on the family as they work harder than they’ve ever worked before.

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Season 1

Episode 1 - What is a homestead?

Ben and Nicole have committed to a goal of self-sufficiency, but unfortunately it’s proving harder than they thought. Atlantic Canadian winters are becoming more difficult than ever before as they get their two-wheel drive truck stuck on their way to the feed store.

Episode 2 - Winter Woes

The saying “six months of winter” comes true, as Ben and Nicole run out of dry firewood before the season is over. Regardless, looking back at the year before proves helpful in moving forward with this year’s garden plans.

Episode 3 - Spring Cleaning

As winter thaws, Ben and Nicole set out to tidy up the yard and prep the garden. With cleanup well underway, they pick up a new honeybee hive in hopes of being able to pollinate their garden and reap some sweet, sweet homegrown honey.

Episode 4 - Honey, Honey

After Ben gets a nasty sting from his honeybees, he ventures out to MacPherson’s Apiary and Farm to learn the ropes of what it takes to be a beekeeper. With his newfound knowledge, he’s confident enough to even harvest his own honey.

Episode 5 - Let’s get Cracking

For the first time, Ben and Nicole set out to hatch chicks from their own eggs. While waiting for hatchlings, they reap the first bounty from their garden.

Episode 6 - Foraging Fun

Ben and Nicole join the Bubar family to pick fiddleheads and River Valley Blueberries to learn about blueberries. Unfortunately, not everything foraged is safe to eat and Ben learns his lesson about mushroom misidentification.

Episode 7 - Chicken Chaos - Part 1

Ben, Nicole and Ben’s parents decide to try their hand at raising meat birds. However, they neglected to take into account that 100 chicks quickly turn into 100 chickens. A lack of room forces them to think on their feet and quickly move them outdoors.

Episode 8 - Predator Problems

When dealing with predators, there’s no easy out. After losing too many birds to raccoons over the last couple years, Ben and Nicole set out to catch their criminal and protect their meat bird investment in hopes of still filling the freezer with meat for the winter.

Episode 9 - Chicken Chaos - Part 2

After resolving the predator problem, the chicks still have only six more weeks before they’re ready for the chopping block. As their end grows near, Ben visits a local butcher to learn the ropes on how to cut and prep meat.

Episode 10 - Filling the Freezer

After a long 8 weeks, the meat birds are finally ready for the freezer. Family and friends band together and join Ben & Nicole in hopes of being able to feed both them and Ben’s parents for the winter.

Season 2

Episode 1 - The Seeds

Ben and very pregnant Nicole start their journey planting seeds and getting ready for their biggest season yet. They plant their seeds in anticipation of the season yet to come, Ben explains his plans for the season and Nicole confesses how poorly the pregnancy is going.

Episode 2 - The Ducks

Ben and Nicole put some eggs in the incubator to hatch, head to town to pick up some ducks and Ben gives a talk at the local library. Having little faith in their ability to hatch duck eggs for the first time they adopt three drakes: Huey, Dewy, and Louie.

Episode 3 - The Hatch

Ben struggles with the eggs in the incubator as the humidity drops dangerously low just in time for Nicole to be ready to give birth.

Episode 4 - The Tiller

Ben scouts and preps the garden by enlisting the help of their friend Brent who brings his tractor to help till the garden so they can get it planted.

Episode 5 - The Raccoon

After the new duck eggs hatch, Ben moves the chicken tractor and they have another unfortunate visit from their nemesis the raccoon.

Episode 6 - The Herbalist

After picking up their first batch of meat chicks, Ben heads to meet Munna, a clinical herbalist, to learn about foraging native plants.

Episode 7 - The Goats

In an effort to expand their homestead and add dairy, Ben and Nicole adopt a few milk goats and Ben milks them for the first time.

Episode 8 - The Solar

After a tour of the garden, Ben is joined by Rudi, a solar expert, to learn more about how they could go off the grid using solar power.

Episode 9 - The Rooster

Ben makes sausages for the first time and gets enlisted as the local “Rooster Wrangler” to catch a feral rooster before butchering their first batch of chickens for the year.

Episode 10 - The Garden

After a devastating hurricane rips through the farm, Ben and Nicole take an inventory of what’s left still standing in the garden.

Episode 11 - The Waste

After feeding all their extra pumpkins to the goats, Ben meets up with Jamie White to learn about how his company helps reduce waste from the grocery store by helping feed small farms.

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