Grand River Grand

City: Atlantic
Director: Susan Rodgers
Genre: Lifestyle

Grand River Grand follows a remarkable woman, her staff, and the selfless volunteers who run a joyful equine adapted learning program for adults and children at a horse ranch in scenic Grand River, Prince Edward Island.

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Episode 1 - I Got Ya

Grand River Ranch owner Heather Blouin introduces the successful, vibrant adapted learning program she runs for children and adults in Prince Edward Island. Heather, her staff, volunteers, and the ranch’s eleven horses, including a goofy gelding, help the participants blossom.

Episode 2 - On Top of the World

Bobbi Jo may have a traumatic brain injury, but she doesn’t let it dim her light. She’s a spirited, fun-loving young woman who loves horses and music. Her parents remark on her successes since she started coming to the ranch.

Episode 3 - Eat, Breathe, Sleep…Horses!

Firecracker 9-year old Aubree is grateful that the ranch was there for her after her father Mike’s serious motorcycle accident. Taylor doesn’t let cerebral palsy keep him from riding horses and he wants others to know that this program will help them see what they are capable of doing too.

Episode 4 - Reach for the Pommel

Serge may only see shadows, but at Grand River Ranch he’s learned to ride horses that he confidently guides around obstacles. He supervises with a laugh and lots of good-natured teasing when his buddies try to change the oil on the ranch’s gator.

Episode 5 - All the Right Reasons

Volunteers Eileen and Sue are thankful to be working with people that help them in return. Learning from people that society doesn’t always believe they can learn from is a gift that keeps on giving.

Episode 6 - Friends That Stood by You

Country singer Cory Gallant is a guest at the ranch. He’s played around the world, but Grand River Ranch is his all-time favorite place to share his music. Grand River Ranch is always a happy place, but today it’s downright joyful.

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