Director: Anas Nannis

Exiled explores the immigrant experience of the Elhasan family, a Syrian family of 7 that came to New Brunswick as refugees in 2015. The docuseries provides a glimpse into the multilayered dynamics that make up the refugee experience: the love for one’s homeland and the desire to build a better life.

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Episode 1

The Elbasan’s came to New Brunswick with their children in 2015, in search of a safer life. In the last five years, they and their five children have adjusted to life in a different country.

Episode 2

For the younger children life before Canada is but a distant memory. They have moved several times, and for their mother Sury, this is painful. Syria is a place that exists only through the memories of their parents and older siblings.

Episode 3

At 16 and 18 years old, Yare and Yahya have started looking towards the future. Yara wants to be a nurse, inspired by experiences she had and things she saw in Syria. Yahya wants to be a mechanic and is planning to study at NBCC.

Episode 4

Zekeriye explains that it was not a choice to leave Syria so much as a necessity for the survival and well-being of his family. Like his wife Sury, he is eager to settle down in one place and to put down permanent roots in his new Canadian community.

Episode 5

When Sury was a child, she dreamed of having her own home for her family. After five moves within Canada alone, she is finally achieving this dream for her five children, while balancing caring for her home and family with furthering her education and pursuing her professional dreams.

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