City: Winnipeg
Starring: Mandeep Sodhi
Genre: Lifestyle

A former amateur bodybuilder attempts to get back into competitive bodybuilding. In his middle age, things prove to be more difficult as he does his best to juggle between competing and his wife and their young children.

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Episode 1 - Intent

We are introduced to Mandeep Sodhi, a former amateur champion bodybuilder from India. He explains his past, his journey and his intention behind making a return to competition.

Episode 2 - Contemplation

Mandeep visits the Body Measure facility. They provide him information about his current health, fat and fitness levels, giving him more insight to make a roadmap for his journey.

Episode 3 - Acti9on

Mandeep speaks to his old friend and fellow competitor Guradesh Mann. He is looking for answers and validation for what he is pursuing, and wants to know if it is possible as he gives his best to his physical endeavors.

Episode 4 - Crisis

Everything shuts down due to COVID-19. No gyms, no competitions. Mandeep tries to maintain his fitness by exercising in his basement while he takes care of his daughter and his newborn.

Episode 5 - Failure

Mandeep is engaged in taking care of his children as he deals with back pain. He receives a call that he is next in line for a surgery to get a hemangioma removed from his chest.

Episode 6 - Priority

Mandeep is doing his best to get back in shape, however the surgery set him back in his progress. He decides to focus on his family, knowing his children need him more than the competition.

Episode 7 - Commitment

Mandeep returns to Body Measure to see if he had progressed or regressed in his fitness journey. He decides to prepare even harder and pursue what he committed to accomplish in the first place.

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