City: Atlantic
Director: Michael Hurcomb
Genre: Entertainment
Host: Kate Suhr

Every famous musician started by playing someone else’s music, but wouldn’t it be incredible to hear a famous musician cover your song? On Cover2Cover, you'll hear up and coming musicians and well known artists take a spin at covering each other's songs as well as in-depth discussions about songwriting, careers, inspiration and more.

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Episode 1

Kate Suhr welcomes musicians Beau Dixon and Alyssa Bart. Alyssa performs a cover of Beau’s song “Your Love Will Carry Me” and Beau covers Alyssa’s song “Money Can’t Buy It All”.

Episode 2

Kate Suhr is joined by Lauryn Macfarlane, Close Kicks and Louwop. Lauryn performs a cover of CloseKicks song “Small Town, Big Dreams” and Close Kicks and Louwop perform a cover of Lauryn’s song “Friendly”.

Episode 3

Kate Suhr doubles her duties as she hosts and performs. Kate welcomes musician Mary-Kate Edwards who performs Kate’s song “Selkie Bride”, and Kate performs a cover of Mary-Kate’s song “Never Mine”.

Episode 4

Kate welcomes musicians Rick Fines and Nicholas Campbell. Rick performs a cover of Nicholas’ song “Livin’” and Nicholas performs as cover of Rick’s song “Try a Little Harder”.

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