Come Home Queer

City: Atlantic
Director: Gerry Rogers
Genre: Docuseries

Come Home Queer is a joyous, fun celebration of 2SLGBTQ+ culture and history with local people in a small outport town in Newfoundland.

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Episode 1 - get ready the Queers are coming

The decorations are going up, the technical stuff is being set up, food and accommodations are being readied. Come Home Queer beer is being delivered and guests are descending on the small outport community of Small Point – Broad Cove – Blackhead – Adam’s Cove.

Episode 2 - can you tell me how to get to Lick-a-Maid Lane

Indigenous 2Spirit teacher Cole Kippenhuck, Carmel Whittle and Stel Raven and Patricia opens Come Home Queer with the Water Song, inviting everyone to build community for the weekend. Then, a big secret is revealed.

Episode 3 - home is where the Queer is

Tina and Allie at Burden’s Foodex are really pleased with all the “different” people who have descended on their community. Guests from away then begin sharing their stories on what made them travel from all over the world for this event.

Episode 4 - that there is what home is to

Jane Walsh came back home after years of exile on mainland Canada, never thinking she’d come back “home”. She’s built a little shed to work from and is reconnecting in the old haunts and with old queer friends and crowds are loving her stories.

Episode 5 - we managed to find our way to the bay

Next up on the tour is Jimmy’s, the best bakery on the shore. Marg Burden and her side kick Roxanne Deering have been baking up a storm and are delighted that all these people have come to this sleepy little hollow.

Episode 6 - who doesn’t love a parade

There’s s celebrity in town and Ron Dwyer, local seller of antiques and collectibles, has snagged a sale from singer/songwriter Kellie Loder. Sue Kelso, Chris MacNaughton and Linda Randell give a fish splitting lesson while recounting how fabulous Come Home Queer has been for everyone.

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