City: Quebec City
Producer: François Dubé
Genre: Docuseries

With over 400 years of history, Quebec City is the oldest French-speaking city in North America. Yet, an English-speaking community does exist and is as resilient as it is vibrant and close-knit. The anglophone cultural scene is diverse and multifaceted. Whether it be through music, literature, cuisine, sports or performing arts, Quebec City’s English speakers are leaving their mark. This series dives into the lives of various English-speaking personalities, highlighting different angles of this lesser-known community.

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Episode 1 - Literature

Discover Quebec City’s literary scene with author Neil Bissoondath, poet Aurian Haller and the executive director of the Voice of English-speaking Quebec, Brigitte Wellens.

Episode 2 - Music

Tour the local musical scene featuring folk-singer Jane Ehrhardt; the Blaze Velluto Collection leader Nicholas Jenkins; and OSQ choir member Rachel Tunnicliffe.

Episode 3 - Theatre

Meet three Quebec City anglophones in the spotlight: comedy night emcee Jill Gagnon, tour guide Fiona Donnelly Rhéaume and stage actor Michael Bourguignon.

Episode 4 - Performance and visual arts

Dive into the fascinating world of the circus with Tim Roberts, public art with Bill Vincent and Irish dance with Aileen Ruane.

Episode 5 - Cuisine

Give the city’s culinary scene a taste through the stories of food journalist Allison Van Rassel and two restaurant owners: Tim Moroney and Philip Hammond.

Episode 6 - Sports

Get to know three local athletes: Olympic freestyle skier Lewis Irving, Gaelic football enthusiast Cillian Breathnach and ultramarathoner Andrew Greenfield.

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