Worth Our Salt

City: Atlantic
Director: Kelly Caseley
Genre: Food

Worth Our Salt takes us on a journey around the world without leaving the beautiful shores of Prince Edward Island. Host Evelyn Bradley uncovers the stories of how chefs came to live on the Island and how they’ve adapted their traditional dishes since settling here. Each episode, Evelyn and her guest chef meet local food producers and try their hands at everything from lobster fishing to oyster shucking. Fresh ingredients in hand they settle in to cook us up a visual feast, and entertain us with stories of food and family.

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Episode 1 - Jerk Lobster

Chef Chevron joins Evelyn aboard fishing boat The Tranquility where Captain Perry Gotell teaches them about life as a lobster fisher. Evelyn and Chevy head to the beach to talk Island life and to whip up a feast of buttery Jerk Lobster. Evelyn and Chevron make a cultural connection and ponder the question ‘Can you add too much butter to your lobster tails?

Episode 2 - Nihari

Evelyn and Pakistani chef Shaktar Naheel learn the ins and outs of beef farming from Colleen and Sheldon Macquarrie on their beautiful PEI beef farm. Shak and Evelyn bond over their Aunties and old peanut butter jars full of garlic paste stashed in the fridge.

Episode 3 - Caldraida de Piexe

Portuguese chef Pedro Gamero shows Evelyn around fellow Portuguese expat Jaime Matos’ beautiful winery. Pedro shares with us the history of this traditional dish, and tells us about the pros and cons of quitting school to work in his family’s restaurant.

Episode 4 - Decolonized Pizza

Evelyn travels to Mi’kmaq reserve Lennox Island to meet Chef Charlie Sark. Charlie is known for his locally sources and unique pizza toppings. And Evelyn teaches oyster plant employee Shelby how to shuck an oyster.

Episode 5 - Kheer

Evelyn meets Indian chefs Ronak and Jahan. After trying her hand at milking a cow, she heads out to pasture to learn how to make Kheer. And the question is answered on why Evelyn wears a bowtie on the farm.

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