Vs.: Women in Combat Sports

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Vs.: Women in Combat Sports

Year: 2018
Genre: Sports

Following 12 women from the Ottawa region who practice amateur combat sports and martial arts including boxing, BJJ, MMA, muay thai, olympic wrestling and judo. We see the challenges and triumphs each woman faces as an amateur athlete in pursuit of their sport and their desire to win. Twelve ordinary - yet extraordinary - women show they have the stamina, the will and the fight to succeed and be the best athlete they can be.

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Season 1

Episode 1

Marija and Max are boxers and friends who have to go beyond the mental roadblocks to be the best in order to excel in their sport and meet their goals. (Boxing & MMA)

Episode 2

Julia and Christine both tackle their comeback to the ring and mats after major injuries that threaten their amateur careers and their ability to compete. ( Pro-Wrestling & BJJ)

Episode 3

Shohannah and Tina may have left behind competition, but now as coaches they tackle their sport head on by leading their elite athletes to national and international competitions. (Olympic Wrestling & Judo)

Episode 4

Amy and Karine are Muay Thai fighters who compete in highly combative amateur fights, but their personal lives balance the high pressure and expectations of winning. (Muay Thai)

Episode 5

Taylor and Hannah push themselves to make it to world competitions where they respectively test their skills in Muay Thai and BJJ on the international stage. (Muay Thai & BJJ)

Episode 6

Alison and Roshan each have goals to compete, but where one has the the support of family backing her, the other battles her own mental health with a determination to return to the ring.

Season 2

Episode 1

Lisa Perry is a IV Dan Taekwon-do martial artist, six-time Team Canada member and small business owner, but being a wife and mother brings their own set of challenges for work-life balance. Lisa uses the lessons she’s learned through martial arts to help keep her strong physically, but also mentally.

Episode 2

Jess King is a Muay Thai fighter and single mother whose path has been filled with highs and lows, but through it all she has refused to give up. Her strength and determination helped with the premature birth of her daughter and now sets her up for the biggest in-ring fight of her life: Art of War IV.

Episode 3

Jen MacKean is a Freestyle Wrestler who has competed for Canada on the women’s national wrestling team. After the loss of both of her parents, Jen has remained steadfast in her pursuit of wrestling. With the support of her siblings, training partner and coach, she continues on her path.

Episode 4

Gaby Chartrand is a Freestyle Wrestler who transitioned from the world of cheerleading to the wrestling mat where she uses her strength and size to her advantage, all while balancing life in high school.

Episode 5

Leila Jakubinek is a Muay Thai fighter who is committed to putting in the work. She travels to compete at SHEfights III for a rematch, and refuses to back down until her name is called and arm is raised in victory.

Episode 6

Jo Maissoneuve is a BJJ artist and MMA fighter who has faced multiple setbacks chasing her dreams. But her support network has grown along with her fighting abilities, and she’s ready to take on the world.

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