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City: Fredericton
Genre: Lifestyle
Host: Ryan Groom

On Season 3, the Trekkit crew embarks on a 2300+ KM ATV ride over 15 days to try to blaze a trail circumnavigating the Province of New Brunswick. What could go wrong?

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Season 1

Episode 1

Turtle Mountain is a 10 km hike up a rough rocky trail, which the crew decided to tackle by ATV and spend the night at the top. This brutal ride is tough for an inexperienced ATV rider. Do they all make it to the top? Plus, a flashback of how our off-road adventures began in Iceland.

Episode 2

The crew rides with the Sussex ATV club on a set of well-managed and picturesque trails. The ride includes the coastal beauty of Martin Head, quaint covered ATV bridges, and the worst accident of our riding season.

Episode 3

The crew heads to northern New Brunswick, where we get to ride on the public streets in the city of Bathurst and head to the trails. After night driving, we wake up to a spectacular view. Plus, a flashback to Ryan’s inspirational adventure in Scotland.

Episode 4

We assemble a large group of family and friends and head to Long Lake Adventures for the weekend. The crew rides to the somber site of an Air Force plane crash from 1967, see a salmon science project, experience the view from Mount Carleton, and enjoy the remoteness and hospitality of the area. Music featuring Clay Harrison.

Episode 5

The crew heads out to experience a wide range of trails. These range from trails managed by the local ATV clubs to unmanaged trails, which can lead to interesting situations for an inexperienced rider. This ride we tackle mud, dust, dirt, smooth and rough trails. We recount the worst mud hole of the year and the young bucks challenge the old guard to a water hole duel. Plus, a flashback of our Mount Katahdin climb.

Episode 6

We head off to Ramble 2019, ride with the local Woodstock ATV club and celebrate the end of the ATV season. We circle back to highlights from the year, including riding with the St. Stephen outlaws, a bird’s eye view of a historical site, our safety course, and the Jewetts Creek bridge opening.

Season 2

Episode 1

Quadding in Northern New Brunswick is a unique experience. The crew bundles up looking for throttle therapy on some of the best snow-covered trails in the province.

Episode 2

The crew returns to Friar’s Nose in the Sussex area to determine who is going to make it to the top on our second attempt.

Episode 3

Ryan and Rodney head to Charlotte County for a fall run plus a first-time experience in the sand pits, what could go wrong?

Episode 4

What can you cook when out on an ATV? The crew does time trials in the narrow wood trail racing course.

Episode 5

The guys jump on the bikes and head from Hanwell to the Big Axe Brewery with a few challenges along the way.

Episode 6

The majestic hardwood forest makes for a summer and fall run no one would ever forget. These trails capture the Zen of riding and relaxing on an ATV.

Episode 7

Lack of fuel and high water stopped the first attempt to reach Ryan’s uncle’s fishing camp. Paul faces early mechanical issues and the guys struggle to find there way to the lodge.

Episode 8

Wayne Russell teaches his outdoor survival course to better equip the crew in case they need to spend the night in the woods with minimal equipment.

Episode 9

This episode was not planned. We happened to bring the camera along on a scenic ride which quickly turned into a very muddy day.

Season 3

Episode 1 - Day 1 Part 1

Rough Start in St. Stephen. The problems hit the team earlier than expected.

Episode 2 - Day 1 Part 2

St. Stephen, McAdam to Benton. After a rough start the team starts to find their groove.

Episode 3 - Day 2

Skedaddle Ridge, Juniper & Arthurette. Beautiful trails and dead brought back to life.

Episode 4 - Day 3

Perth-Andover, Grand Falls & Edmundston. Navigation issues but a magnificent destination.

Episode 5 - Day 4

Baker Brook & Saint Francois de Madawaska. With the help of a local guide we headed to the Maine, Quebec, New Brunswick border for a night in the woods with the hammocks.

Episode 6 - Day 5

Saint-Jacques & Moose Valley Lodge. We find out a crew member can weld, as we needed the help.

Episode 7 - Day 6

Kedgwick & Blue Heron Camping. We visited a campground that does not allow ATV and convinced than to let us stay and made new friends.

Episode 8 - Day 7

Bathurst. Half way point.

Episode 9 - Day 8

Tracadie. The morning starts with a police escort then start heading south.

Episode 10 - Day 9

Miramichi, Cape Tormentine & Port Elgin. Hit hyperspace on an ATV and found a great place away from the bugs for the night.

Episode 11 - Day 10

Dieppe, Memramcook & Salisbury. Wet day. The water front trails were a treat.

Episode 12 - Day 11

Sussex & Adair’s Wilderness Lodge. A trip would not be complete without visiting Adair’s. A few challenges before we arrived.

Episode 13 - Day 12

St. Martins. Maybe we finally got our rhythm.

Episode 14 - Day 13

Saint John & Lorneville. Play a game called “Find the truck.” Guest stars James Mullinger, Wayne Russell from Alone and Csaba Domokos.

Episode 15 - Day 14

Lepreau, Pennfield & St. George. Close to the finish line. The guys meet us with the original Outlawz and get ready for the last ride of the trip.

Episode 16 - Day 15

Red Rooster & Thank You St. Stephen! – A celebration in St. Stephen and not sure is the SxS going to complete the journey.

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