City: Atlantic
Director: Jonathan Torrens
Starring: Nathan Macintosh
Genre: Comedy

With his career on the line, an angry ex boss and a mother who doesn't want him living with her, Nathan is back to figuring out his next move in Trapped.

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Season 1

Episode 1

Nathan’s agent tells him to not get in ANY TROUBLE while he’s home, and Mom tells him to get a job.

Episode 2

Nathan stops by his old job at ‘The Toe Shelf,’ where his old manager Jerry confronts him about being a quitter.

Episode 3

Mom takes Nathan to the unemployment office ‘just to see what he could get.’ and Jerry gives Nathan an ultimatum.

Episode 4

Mom strands Nathan in a parking lot with a high school crush and her husband.

Episode 5

Nathan starts a podcast to take his career into his own hands, and Mom invites his conniving cousin Sampson to be a guest.

Episode 6

Nathan agrees to work one last Shoe-Unday for Jerry.

Season 2

Episode 1 - Tuck In Your Suit

At a service for Mom’s neighbour, Jerry visits Nathan with his lawyer to serve him papers for the Human Rights Tribunal.

Episode 2 - Is This Line Secure?

After a catch-up call from his agent, Nathan visits Sampson who has a plan to make some money off his Shoe-Unday ordeal.

Episode 3 - So, how's Ship-It?

Nathan runs into Taylor and they finally have their date. Taylor may have some insight into Jerry. Their date goes better than Marks does... slightly.

Episode 4 - Where's My Money, Barb?

Mom is told by her friend Barb that she doesn't have the money mom lent her. Not buying this, Mom decides to stake out her place and takes Nathan with her. Sampson has some intel.

Episode 5 - BBQ Or Italian Herb?

On a trip with Mom to the grocery store, Nathan runs into an old high school friend who offers him a gig. Nathan is reluctant, Mom wants him to take it and Jerry waits in the wings.

Episode 6 - It's A Whole New World, Buck-O

The day of the Human Rights Tribunal has come and Nathan along with Sampson have to stand up to Jerry and his wolf-like lawyer.

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