Threading the Needle

City: Atlantic
Director: Louise Lalonde
Genre: Lifestyle

Threading the Needle brings into focus a few of the many talented knitters, quilters, and hookers in PEI. Prepare yourself to fight the urge to head to a craft store and begin a journey into the world of needle arts as you discover these colourful, dedicated artists who live and breathe their craft.

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Episode 1 - For the Love of Knitting

Linda Stewart, avid knitter, writer, actor, and fiddler shares her interests that include turning her hand to all forms of domestic activities, whether it is for a pair of socks or a new sweater and always with the help of her kitty, Barney. Troy Martin manages the Belfast Mini Mills Factory where he spends his days surrounded by beautiful fibers and knitted items from a multitude of sources in the pastoral setting of Belfast, PEI. He and fellow knitter, Simone VanIderstine, produce the Worst(ed)Fibre Podcast, all about what’s exciting in the world of knitting.

Episode 2 - Brading and Hooking Never Felt So Right

Meet Janice Brydges, a retired teacher who now spends her days creating with felt. Next, meet Sue-Anne Jay who spends her days braiding rugs and animal beds and hooking exquisite wall hangings. Both women devote countless hours to their craft, leaving a trail of fanciful artwork for everyone to enjoy.

Episode 3 - A Hooker’s Work is Never Done

While Susan Lea Manning has spent most of her life working as a special ed teacher, retirement has not slowed her down, picking up a pastime that has become a passion. Plus, Bette Young and Shirlee Hogan are not only amazing hookers, but they operate a store in rural PEI where they sell all the supplies a hooker could need and offer help and advice to their customers who very often become friends, and we can include Susan Lea Manning on that list.

Episode 4 - Crazy Quilting Is Not For Wimps

The lovely Penelope Player takes us down memory lane sharing her story of family quilts, and one quilt that made it all the way to Japan Penelope charms us with her humorous take on crazy quilting that involves intricate embroidery work and lots of patience. Ultimately, the results are stunning, and the concentrated hours of dedication seem worth it to both the connoisseur and the inexperienced. . She sheds light on the dark underside of quilting that often finds her students, but with fair warning when they begin her class.

Episode 5 - Miniature Rugs and Eighteen Chairs

Martha Deacon reminisces about her mother Florence’s incredible bank of needle work designs, and as a bonus, she takes us on a tour of her mother’s miniature home complete with needlepoint rugs, tiny, personalized coffee mugs, newspapers, and even a violin—all the things that make a house a home.

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