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The Barber’s Chair

Director: Matt Brown
Genre: Lifestyle
Host: Jordan Owens

The Barber’s Chair is a new series where we get to know your local barbershop! One of NB’s newest residents Jordan Owens—a retired professional hockey player— visits barbershops in small towns all around the province in an effort to get to know his home a little better. As Jordan says: “If you want to get to really know a place, there’s no better spot to start than your local barbershop—sitting down to talk with your barber.

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Episode 1 - Hampton Chop Shop

Hampton Chop Shop is located in Hampton, New Brunswick and is co-owned by barber Andrew Simpson. Jordan visits Andrew at the shop and gets the scoop on what drew him to barbering, and why he loves his small town of Hampton so much.

Episode 2 - Sussex Barber Shop

Jordan heads to Four Corners, Sussex, New Brunswick to meet with barber Juanita Stronge of Sussex Barber Shop. They talk about why Sussex is such a dynamic little town, and what it’s like to be a female barber in what is seen as a typically male dominated profession.

Episode 3 - The Snipper Ship

The Snipper Ship is a small hair salon located in Maces Bay, New Brunswick. Jordan visits hair stylist Maggie Mawhinney and learns about what life is like in a small town fishing village.

Episode 4 - Off Base Barbers

Jordan travels to Oromocto, New Brunswick to meet the four female barbers that are behind Off Base Barbers. As this barbershop mainly caters to military personnel, get an insider look into the hair culture of our military forces.

Episode 5 - The Barber of S’Ville

The Barber of S’Ville is a barbershop located in Sackville, New Brunswick. Jordan meets barber Jerry Hicks, and talks candidly about what it means to be a barber. What’s said in the barber shop stays in the barbershop — except in this case — where the curtain is peeled back as Jerry cuts the hair of one of his favourite clients.

Episode 6 - Courtyard Clippers

Courtyard Clippers is a barbershop located in Hartland, New Brunswick. Jordan meets barber Jon Stephenson and takes a tour of Hartland. We get some great stories from a couple of local legends who stop in for haircuts.

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