The Art of 8 Limbs

City: Kitchener
Producer: Jason T. Green, Adrian Konstant
Genre: Sports

The Art of 8 Limbs follows Muay Thai fighters from across Ontario cities as they prepare to do battle.

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Season 2

Episode 1

Dan ‘The Cobra’ Sopa returns from ‘8 Limbs - Season 1’ and the world stage representing Canada, this time putting his Muay Thai Ontario championship belt on the line, to fight Charles Chen an Open Class fighter being trained by 5 time World Muay Thai Champion, Clifton Brown.

Episode 2

Two men known for their Fight IQ, a contest between construction worker Aaron Tittle and soon to be legal eagle Marques Scarfone will be a battle of wits and fists! Recently returning from a fight camp in Thailand Marques wants to show his mettle!

Episode 3

Jayde, a corrections officer takes on a Laura, a staff member at an adult sex club. Although the road to this battle has not been easy for either of them, there can be only one winner. Will Jayde’s powerful boxing win out or will Laura’s straight forward grit get her the hand raise she so badly wants?

Episode 4

When the heavy-weights step into the ring anything can happen! Victor, a loving father who wants to show his son that believing in yourself matters, steps into the ring with a Zoran the Siege Tower, a ‘Magic The Gathering’ playing, board game designer, who will take a punch and keep smiling while he bears down on you.

Episode 5

Who will dominate the ring, between the rugged concrete slinging Damin with shins strengthened by motocross leg breaks, or Julian, a precision athlete with quick hands, savage knees, and hair for days!

Episode 6

Red Sonia the barbarian squares off against Sam-Sam a firecracker from the Philippines! Two strong women with difficult pasts turn to music, art, and the thrill of stepping into the ring.

Episode 7

Two ex-hockey scrappers leave the ice behind and face off in the ring with their true favorite combat sport! Both men are brutal and we get ready for a close quarters slugfest of knees and elbows. Who will dominate in the clinch?

Episode 8

Both relatively new to the fight game, Ben wants to be a travelling nurse for ‘Doctors Without Borders’, so he can make up for the faces he smashes in the ring. Justin was tired of being overweight and bullied. Now he won’t take crap from anyone! Who will come out on top?

Season 1

Episode 1: Jon vs. Chris

A hockey kid steps into the ring with a much taller opponent. Will it be training style, natural talent or pain tolerance that will determine the winner?

Episode 2: Shahin vs. Jay

Will Jay's calm, methodical demeanor help him against a scrappy and aggressive Shahin?

Episode 3: Yasmina vs. Taylor

Southern Ontario’s fierce female fighters step into the ring in this episode. Will Taylor’s height and reach be a match for the firecracker ‘Sit N Rip’ style of Yasmina?

Episode 4: Dan vs. Shane

Dan ‘The Cobra’ Sopa, a newcomer in the Muay Thai community takes on an MMA style fighter. Two gyms in the region with a high pedigree in this ancient art are about to square off.

Episode 5: Justin vs. Dan

Handsome, happy-go-lucky Dan Kechego, is about to face his toughest opponent, Justin Holden, the monster of TKO Fighting Arts in Kitchener! Get ready for a battle.

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