Take the Dive

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Take the Dive

Year: 2017
Producer: Orlando Braun
Genre: Food

Discover delicious hidden gems in your city.

Downtown dweller Jorge Requena Ramos takes his suburban friend Joanna Braun on an “insider’s list” tour of coolest dives (hidden gems) in her city. Pushing her to step out of her comfort zone and discover amazing restaurants, diners and cafes to rekindle her love for her city through food.



Jorge and Joanna dive into some famous and unsung burger joints in Winnipeg with the help of the Burger Club Winnipeg's Tim Turner & Jacques Bourgeois. Discovering Winnipeg's own burger traditions and variations reveals why each location is unmissable.


A walking tour through downtown reveals some incredible eats. Downtown advocate and comedian Lara Rae explains why there are so many dives with the power to transport you and make you feel like you've traveled far from home within just a few blocks of each other. 


Breakfast Connoisseur Leif Norman's List of breakfast dives reveals some outstanding dishes that include perogies, bison, and completely original eggs benedict! The most important meal of the day!


Jewish Comedian, Dan Goldberg gives us the inside scoop on Winnipeg's best delis. Jorge takes Joanna on a cross-town trip that reveals a Winnipeg tradition and the perfect recipe for any sandwich. 

Pub Crawl

Pub experts, Johnny Marlowe and Rafael Reyes send Jorge and Joanna on the truest form of dive food -  Pub food - making stops in some of Winnipeg's legendary dive bars as well as a secret 5 star restaurant. 

Worldly City

Chef Roddy Seradilla sends Jorge and Joanna to travel the wide world within Winnipeg city limits. Diving into local restaurants that embody authentic flavors from abroad, each dish tells its own immigrant story with flavors, and they're impossible to decline.


Jorge takes Joanna through some lesser known, yet remarkable coffee shops and indulge in a variety of coffee experiences that must be tried. You may be surprised where you find these hidden gems.


Jorge and Joanna satisfy their sweet tooth by taking the dive into unique treats. Pastry chef Jacqueline Bissoon offers some sweet suggestions and Joanna introduces Jorge to a secret dessert spot of her own. 

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