Stoney Lonesome

City: Kingston
Director: Victor Cooper
Genre: Comedy

Every city has a Stoney Lonesome. It’s that part of town that’s on the wrong side of the tracks but the right side of life. There’s less money, less infrastructure, and less gluten free bread. But there’s a seat at the One One tavern for anyone who cares to join.

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Season 1

Episode 1

Daryl and Carol meet at a shady garage after she blows a tire on a pothole, while Tammy is asked some grown-up questions from her niece while nursing a hangover Meanwhile, Matt and Daryl attempt to solve global warming over a few beers.

Episode 2

Carol meets Stoney Lonesome’s finest pool boy while instructor Judy gives an unorthodox driving lesson to a young girl from Salty Town.

Episode 3

Meegan shows off her makeup “skills” to her followers, and Tammy celebrates reaching menopause by going to a fancy restaurant with Bud.

Episode 4

Carol introduces her friends to a coffee hack she learned from Daryl, and a group of Karens meet for therapy and reveal if they truly live up to their name.

Episode 5

Poker night at Daryl’s gets classy, until a disagreement almost ruins the evening. Meanwhile, Judy blows her first shot as she attempts to flirt with her barista.

Episode 6

Carol sees a different side of Daryl after launching a new career. Bud and Tammy celebrate a new holiday while Meegan learns the truth about Steve Driddleman.

Episode 7

Bud and Tammy brave the wilderness with some newfound friends while Daryl and Matt meet at the One One Tavern to solve another world issue….sort of.

Episode 8

Carol has a frightening experience in a back alley while Judy makes some headway with the barista. Scooterman shows the world why he deserves to wear that T-Shirt.

Episode 9

Carol meets a crazy man and signs up for boxing lessons. Matt and Daryl have their biggest breakthrough yet, just in time for Matt to get some terrible news.

Episode 10

While things get steamy for Meegan and Steve, Carol and Daryl butt heads at his garage. Meanwhile, the One One Tavern is at risk of closing, and Matt desperately needs Daryl’s help to save it.

Season 2

Episode 1 - We bought a bar

Daryl has purchased the bar from GenCorp and Matt is already noticing how much of Daryl’s time it is taking away. Daryl and Carol are having relationship issues and Scooter Man finally finds love.

Episode 2 - Windy Rooftop

Daryl gets teased about his old cell phone while Meegan shows off her new apartment. Daryl and Carol try to strengthen their relationship with a romantic dinner.

Episode 3 - The Flat Earther

Meegan tries to expose GenCorp and ends up hiding in a porta potty while Daryl meets his first flat earther and gives him a run for his money.

Episode 4 - Guys Trip

Daryl and Carols relationship issues continue and he decides to get away on a guy’s trip. We meet Alexa, the news reporter, and Eric misunderstands the terms of a dare.

Episode 5 - Heath Inspector

Carol starts a new club to distract herself. Meanwhile, at the One One, they get a surprise visit from a health inspector. On top of that, Daryl needs to hire bouncers.

Episode 6 - The case of the missing furniture

Scooter Man has another wild adventure, Daryl teaches Matt how to sneeze and the case of the missing furniture is finally solved. But now, there are bigger issues to deal with.

Episode 7 - No Free Beer

Matt comes up with crazy business ideas to pay his bar tab and a great new cover band visits the One One tavern. Meanwhile, the news reporter Alexa brings more ill-timed jokes.

Episode 8 - The Heist

Judy works harder than necessary to become a barista, Meegan learns a secret about GenCorp, and Daryl, Matt and Tammy make big plans to save the One One….. maybe too big.

Episode 9 - Winning Big

A new cold sauce store is opening in town… or is it closing? Daryl, Matt and Tammy risk everything they have in a crazy card game to try and save the One One.

Episode 10 - Like a wrecking ball

Matt has a sister and she is even crazier than he is. Gregory accidently finds himself in a laugh salon and everyone raises a glass to the One One…. even the mayor.

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