Skin & Bone

City: Fredericton
Producer: Joel Manchester
Genre: Docuseries

Skin And Bone follows the up and coming indie rock band Run The River as they navigate the music industry. Through each episode, the band overcomes obstacles and become closer as a group. While pursuing their dream to be successful musicians, growing and becoming better at their craft, the band finds out that sometimes when fate is out of your hands, the journey itself is the reward.

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Episode 1 - Music is Survival

Meet the lead singer and songwriter Joel Manchester, as he tries to pick his best song to record with their new producer and mentor Jason Barry. With the hopes that this single will give the band the boost they need to move to the next level, there is a lot riding on this decision.

Episode 2 - Music is Healing

After breaking his wrist, Chris tells the band he may not be able to play drums for their biggest show yet. That leaves a big decision; hire a new drummer or push forward hoping Chris heals in time.

Episode 3 - Music is Courage

More is revealed about the band as they head into the studio with their producer and mentor Jason Barry to record their first single, which can either make or break their careers.

Episode 4 - Music is Perspective

The band prepares to perform for a panel of judges who will critique their songs and live performance. The guys confront the fear of not being good enough and the challenge of finding a more exciting look for stage.

Episode 5 - Music is Family

The band has put in the work, recorded and sent the song off to record labels. While they wait for the outcome, they decide to celebrate the journey with friends and family.

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