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Real Wrestling

City: Halifax
Director: David Mullins
Genre: Sports
Host: David Boyce

Sixteen top-level professional wrestlers compete in a high-stakes tournament to determine the Real Wrestling Champion – where the action extends inside and outside of the ring. Featuring professional athletes from across Atlantic Canada.

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Episode 1

Tensions run high as the sixteen top compete to determine the Real Wrestling Champion. A surprise last-minute attack leads to a surprise substitution. Featuring Covey Christ vs. Kimba the Lion.

Episode 2

As the locker rooms rally together, a last-minute entrant leaves one side uneasy. Featuring “Wild One” Kasey Williams vs. Backwoods and Max Power vs. “Fist of the North” Thad Howett.

Episode 3

It’s all hands on deck as the field begins to narrow. Sam Shields connects with Mya Malek, while Covey Christ takes a different approach at getting through to the locker room. Featuring Darkside Express’s Damien Spades vs. Mya Malek and “The Greatest of All Time” Charlie Hubley vs. Devon.

Episode 4

Covey Christ is given a task from Commissioner Gold. Jeff James runs his mouth to the wrong person. Commissioner Gold has a message to the final eight. Featuring Ben Whitehead vs. “The King” J.P. Simms and “Greaser” James Carr vs. Sam Shields.

Episode 5

Jeff James has a new personal assistant. Commissioner Gold has a proposition for “The First of the North”. Featuring a quarterfinal match in the Real Wrestling tournament.

Episode 6

While one locker room finds cohesion, the other side finds itself between a rock and a hard place. Covey Christ is on a mission to show dominance. Sam Shields and Thad Howett talk things over in training. Featuring a quarterfinal match in the Real Wrestling tournament.

Episode 7

When Charlie Hubley feels his control slipping, motivation sends him searching for Mya Malek with the intention of proving a point. Featuring a quarterfinal match in the Real Wrestling tournament.

Episode 8

Covey Christ and Commissioner Gold can’t seem to find common ground. Featuring Charlie Hubley & Covey Christ vs. The Mechanics’ Peter & Justin.

Episode 9

As the semi-finals are underway, “The Greatest of All Time” Charlie Hubley is on a roll. Sam Shields finds words of encouragement from Mya Malek. A surprise turn of events narrows the field even further. Featuring a semi-final match in the Real Wrestling tournament.

Episode 10

The finals of the Real Wrestling tournament. With the field down to two, the competition is at its peak and the competitors are far from friends.

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