Pauline & Her Three Sisters - Poster

Pauline & Her Three Sisters

Director: Michael Summers
Genre: Lifestyle
Host: Michael Summers

Learn to cook some delicious Indigenous dishes with Pauline and Her Three Sisters! Chef Pauline Cotter teaches a bit Indigenous culture while cooking with traditional Ingredients such as corn, beans and squash, known as the Three Sisters.

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Episode 1

Pauline uses the Indigenous ingredients in her first dish to make a bison burger with a three sisters salad. We also look at Pauline's connection to the Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre while showing their aspiring garden where they plant white corn, beans and squash.

Episode 2

Pauline creates a dish using lake trout with a lemon butter sauce and a strawberry spinach salad on the side. Strawberries are a traditional 'medicine food' and they are growing at the Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre along with their Three Sisters Garden, we get an update on the progress.

Episode 3

Pauline wraps up the series with a fresh approach to cooking a venison roast with a wild rice side dish. The results of the garden at the Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre are finally revealed.

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