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New season!
Dean & Jean Make a Cooking Show

Dean is a headstrong Canadian TV producer and Jean is a strong-willed chef from Thailand. Together, they attempt to make a cooking show about Thai food. There's just one challenge: they're husband and wife. Follow Dean and Jean, in front and behind the cameras, as they navigate their egos, cultural differences, and their marriage to make a cooking show!

New season!
Pink Is In

The insanity continues at Chatsworth, the most dysfunctional women’s prison on the planet. The administration continues to lose control of the unruly inmates. Don’t despair, it’s still a fun hang!

New series!
County Blooms

County Blooms celebrates flower growers, creators, designers and more. Join host Jen Pogue and visit the farms, gardens, shops, and studios run by talented flower pros across Peterborough County.

New series!

Each episode of BrawlStars re-enacts a real life fight, punched up with movie magic. A high-octane mix of stunt choreography and dynamic interviews with the heroic Canadians who lived to tell the tales.

New season!
Our Stories

Our Stories amplifies the voices and experiences of marginalized people, providing a safe and supportive space for individuals to share their perspectives, opinions, and struggles. Through intimate interviews and personal narratives, this series seeks to challenge societal norms, promote empathy and understanding, and create meaningful dialogue around issues of social justice and equality.

New season!
Stoney Lonesome

Every city has a Stoney Lonesome. It’s that part of town that’s on the wrong side of the tracks but the right side of life. There’s less money, less infrastructure, and less gluten free bread. But there’s a seat at the One One tavern for anyone who cares to join.

Harv N Jace Show

The Harv N Jace Show showcases deserving & inspiring stories with a touch of personality and humour.

Door to Door Downsizing

On Door to Door Downsizing, join hosts Amy and Berni in this comedy driven reality show. Discover all that it takes to help people declutter and downsize a room in their home. No job is too big or too small when you’re making it up as you go.

Basil & Sage

Melinda invites friends with supernatural sensitivities to help her cook fantastic meals while chatting about the afterlife and world unseen. Each episode introduces its audience to home cooked meals, as well as stories, insights and prophecies by Melinda’s spiritual crew.

Ug Wug

This is the story of a little girl named Ariel. Her whole life is changed during a mother/daughter summer vacation when she accidentally meets and befriends the legendary sea monster Ug Wug.

Anthems and Acres

Anthems and Acres is a musical TV series based in Atlantic Canada that pairs diverse local talent with iconic outdoor locations. Each episode features live performances in Atlantic Canada’s unique scenery and intimate interviews with the artists to provide backstory and document their creative process. This season features performances by Marian, Sadie, Loveover, Kaya, Lazermortis, and Joshua Smids.

Sans gluten comme moi avec Laura Lussier

Sans gluten comme moi nous prouve que la cuisine sans gluten n’est pas seulement appropriée aux personnes atteintes de maladie cœliaque, mais à tous ceux qui souhaitent trouver des idées, des trucs et astuces pour cuisiner sans gluten. En outre, cela ne doit pas être compliqué, mais un processus amusant pour vous, votre famille et vos amis. Qu'il s'agisse d'entrées, de desserts, de plats principaux ou d'accompagnements, il y a des plats pour tous les goûts.

Gluten Free Like Me with Laura Lussier

Gluten Free Like Me proves that gluten-free cooking is not only for people with celiac disease; it is for anyone who is interested in picking up ideas, tricks and tips for cooking without gluten. It also does not have to be complicated, but a fun process for you and your family and friends. From appetizers, desserts, mains, and sides – there are dishes for everyone to enjoy.

Spaces of Relevance

Spaces of Relevance dives into the daily lives of BIPOC artists in Ottawa, including a playwright, filmmaker, photographer, and more. Each artist names a space in Ottawa that special to them and creates a work of art inspired by it.

Ice Canoe

Through encounters with the people who are keeping ice canoeing alive and pushing the limits of the competition, Ice Canoe presents the faces of a sport that’s all about team spirit and dedication. Host Aaron Bass brings a sport that’s unique in the world to life. If you want to conquer the ice floes of the Saint Lawrence River, you can’t get cold feet.

Maestro Chef Wes

Canadian hip hop legend Maestro Fresh Wes travels the Maritimes as the Maestro CHEF Wes, sourcing the local ingredients, culture and musicians for a classic Canadian kitchen party. Maestro and his celebrity guests fish, farm, and forage together, talk about life and chop it up in the kitchen before everyone arrives for a delicious dish and live performance.


Host Michelle Rabin visits six restaurants in the food capital of Canada — Hamilton, Ontario, and meets with six passionate online reviewers to learn about their food reviewing ways. Together they DISH IT!

A Life Outdoors

Hosted by biologist and retired Member of Parliament Robert Sopuck, A Life Outdoors features a year in the life of Robert and Caroline Sopuck who live on their farm south of Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba. From early spring greens, to summer berry picking, to preserving vegetables in the fall, and ice fishing in the winter, experience the joy of “A Life Outdoors”.