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New series!
Botanical Jungle

Botanical Jungle explores the exciting ecosystem of the majestic Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens. From the operatic romances of pollinators to the secret and social lives of trees, there’s never a dull moment when you stop and smell the roses.

New season!
Sunshine City

Host Roberta Muffin is back as she attempts to solve an infamous cold case at an isolated estate on the outskirts of Orillia. However, as the true crime special goes off the rails with each new commercial break, Roberta must uncover the truth before the credits roll.

New series!
Uma loft sessions

Our mission with Uma Sessions is to help tell the story of Windsor as a music city by highlighting these artists capturing a moment in time in our music scene today.

New series!
City Girl Eats The Country

City Girl Eats The Country transports you to rustic farms and rural homes. City Chef Sara and her trusty sous chef and sidekick, Jewels, aim to prepare a cherished family recipe. Bon appétit meets barnyard bedlam in this comical culinary escapade.

New series!
The Roaming Chef

Chef Alex Page wants the freshest ingredients to cook with, so he drives to different farms in the Durham Region area to create meals inspired by what they produce. Alex cooks with milk, lavender, hot peppers, cider, flour and honey all from different sized farms. He packs his own kitchen and sets it up at each location to cook right on site for the hungry farmers.

New series!
Pizza Town

In Pizza Town, childhood friends and hosts Danny & Ozzy reunite in the pizza capital of Canada: Windsor, Ontario. They visit various famous pizzerias across town to indulge in eating pizza, learning how to make it, and find out from the chefs themselves their perspective on what makes Windsor’s pizza so unique and special.

Only The Night Knows

Laura Noseworthy returns home to outport Newfoundland to settle the estate of her estranged father. When her sister’s killer is found dead, Laura must scramble to unravel the truth before everything spirals out of control.

Prairie Hearts

Prairie Hearts is a college production where students celebrate an aspect of Westman that they love or want to know more about. Hosts Sydney Huston, Katrina Spangler, Oluwakayode Ategun, Carson Rice, Nicole Wruth, and Drake Forster each take turns sharing their thoughts on what makes Westman special to them.

Spinning Stories

Join Syx Langemann on a journey through 'Spinning Stories' as he connects with fellow vinyl collectors, record store owners, and bands in pursuit of his ultimate grail: the rare Clutch Elephant Riders record.

There You Go

Chaos ensues on ‘There You Go’ when Chef George Hudson challenges a food-delivery-service-dependent young adult to make a simple meal on their own in less than 45 minutes. Chef George teaches how to successfully make a simple and inexpensive meal in less time than it takes for delivery.

Realm 2

Realm 2 follows the lives of various hopefuls whose goals are similar even though their lives have never crossed.

Southern Shore

Southern Shore explores the history and folklore of an iconic strip of land in Newfoundland & Labrador.

Baking It Up A Notch

No matter how old we get or how far we travel, nothing beats coming home and sitting down to a cup of tea and a lovingly prepared treat. On Baking It Up A Notch, pastry chef Aaron McInnis samples the favourite recipes of his special guests and how to turn their family-favorite bake into a restaurant worthy dish.

The Canoe Project

After being apprehended and serving jail time for misusing government money to make a documentary about Canoe with unsavoury intentions, Richard is released on early parole. This time the tables have turned as Lise & Yvonne are making a documentary about Richard’s rehabilitation in hope of reeducating him on Inuit culture.

this is it actually.

Based on the podcast of the same name, this is it actually, host jeni b gets behind the wheel of a vintage vehicle. She drives to delightful and picturesque places to meet the wonderfully diverse people that make up the fabric of the town.

Grand River Grand

Grand River Grand follows a remarkable woman, her staff, and the selfless volunteers who run a joyful equine adapted learning program for adults and children at a horse ranch in scenic Grand River, Prince Edward Island.


The beloved O’Don’s Pub has been purchased by Todd, a narcissist who has no business managing a pub. Todd’s not the only problem, each member of the O’Don’s staff brings their own brand of bonkers to this workplace sitcom.

Day Trippers

Explore the hidden gems of Manitoba with hosts Kristin Marand and Jeremy Williamez as they find all the fun roadside attractions along specific routes in Southern Manitoba.