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New series!
Botanical Jungle

Botanical Jungle explores the exciting ecosystem of the majestic Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens. From the operatic romances of pollinators to the secret and social lives of trees, there’s never a dull moment when you stop and smell the roses.

New season!
Sunshine City

Host Roberta Muffin is back as she attempts to solve an infamous cold case at an isolated estate on the outskirts of Orillia. However, as the true crime special goes off the rails with each new commercial break, Roberta must uncover the truth before the credits roll.

New series!
Uma loft sessions

Our mission with Uma Sessions is to help tell the story of Windsor as a music city by highlighting these artists capturing a moment in time in our music scene today.

New series!
City Girl Eats The Country

City Girl Eats The Country transports you to rustic farms and rural homes. City Chef Sara and her trusty sous chef and sidekick, Jewels, aim to prepare a cherished family recipe. Bon appétit meets barnyard bedlam in this comical culinary escapade.

New series!
The Roaming Chef

Chef Alex Page wants the freshest ingredients to cook with, so he drives to different farms in the Durham Region area to create meals inspired by what they produce. Alex cooks with milk, lavender, hot peppers, cider, flour and honey all from different sized farms. He packs his own kitchen and sets it up at each location to cook right on site for the hungry farmers.

New series!
Pizza Town

In Pizza Town, childhood friends and hosts Danny & Ozzy reunite in the pizza capital of Canada: Windsor, Ontario. They visit various famous pizzerias across town to indulge in eating pizza, learning how to make it, and find out from the chefs themselves their perspective on what makes Windsor’s pizza so unique and special.

We Are Golden

A rich history, an unbreakable brotherhood, a decades-long rivalry and a legacy of championships. Season 2 of We Are Golden weaves its way through the history of the Queen’s University Football program and the current team’s quest for a Vanier Cup.

The Show Must Go On

Gwen and Andraea are One Trunk, a professional theatre company in Winnipeg. They team up with a rural amateur theatre company, the Pinawa Players, to write a play together from scratch.

Farm to Fork

Farm to Fork is a lifestyle cooking show that follows Chef Nick Benninger as he visits farm to gate vendors throughout the Waterloo region. In each episode, Nick explores the farmers’ background and history and gives viewers a look into their daily lives. Towards the end of each show, Nick stokes up a blazing fire and treats the vendors to a culinary extravaganza, using their products, cooked in ways they haven’t experienced before.

AUS Profile 2023-24

Stories of grit and determination, victory and defeat. Profiles of some of the most amazing student athletes in Atlantic University Sports.

Irish Quebec

Irish Quebec follows a thriving community filled to the brim with passionate Irish descendants and those who have embraced the culture as their own. Music, dance, sport and even a parade await you on this journey.

Sustainable Structures

Sustainable Structures focuses on energy efficient and environmentally sustainable housing, highlighting six unique homes and the people who inhabit them.

King & Pawn

Rhett McManus unexpectedly finds himself in the offbeat world of King & Pawn, his inherited family pawn shop, following his father's passing. The shop, a hub of eccentricity, becomes Rhett's realm as he navigates its quirks, friendly competition, and the challenges of the pawn industry.


Ben and Nicole are two modern homesteaders with the goal of learning how to be self-sufficient and off the grid. This season, much to Nicole’s dismay, Ben overcommits to a plethora of projects, which leads to the unfortunate death of animals and stress on the family as they work harder than they’ve ever worked before.

North Pro Canadian Wrestling

Professional Wrestling action returns with North Pro Canadian Wrestling with the top independent wrestling talent from Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. In the ring, everyone is competing for a chance to win a championship.

Bri & Cord’s Sites Unseen

Bri Follett and Cord Richards explore Newfoundland and Labrador's lesser known destinations. From Mistaken Point to L'Anse aux Meadows, Bri and Cord immerse viewers in local culture, exploring the creepy lore, popular roadside attractions, haunted hot-spots and unique locations from across the island.

Big Small Town

From sentient self-checkout machines to Halloween funerals, “Big Small Town” is Winnipeg’s premiere sketch comedy showcasing hilarious comedians on local adventures.

Maestro Chef Wes

Maestro Fresh Wes travels New Brunswick as Maestro Chef Wes, sourcing local ingredients, culture, and musicians for a rocking house party. One part cooking show, one part documentary, and 100% fresh, Maestro Chef Wes gives audiences a once-in-a-lifetime perspective of New Brunswick culture through the eyes of a Hip Hop icon.