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New season!
Dean & Jean Make a Cooking Show

Dean is a headstrong Canadian TV producer and Jean is a strong-willed chef from Thailand. Together, they attempt to make a cooking show about Thai food. There's just one challenge: they're husband and wife. Follow Dean and Jean, in front and behind the cameras, as they navigate their egos, cultural differences, and their marriage to make a cooking show!

New season!
Pink Is In

The insanity continues at Chatsworth, the most dysfunctional women’s prison on the planet. The administration continues to lose control of the unruly inmates. Don’t despair, it’s still a fun hang!

New series!
County Blooms

County Blooms celebrates flower growers, creators, designers and more. Join host Jen Pogue and visit the farms, gardens, shops, and studios run by talented flower pros across Peterborough County.

New series!

Each episode of BrawlStars re-enacts a real life fight, punched up with movie magic. A high-octane mix of stunt choreography and dynamic interviews with the heroic Canadians who lived to tell the tales.

New season!
Our Stories

Our Stories amplifies the voices and experiences of marginalized people, providing a safe and supportive space for individuals to share their perspectives, opinions, and struggles. Through intimate interviews and personal narratives, this series seeks to challenge societal norms, promote empathy and understanding, and create meaningful dialogue around issues of social justice and equality.

New season!
Stoney Lonesome

Every city has a Stoney Lonesome. It’s that part of town that’s on the wrong side of the tracks but the right side of life. There’s less money, less infrastructure, and less gluten free bread. But there’s a seat at the One One tavern for anyone who cares to join.

Get In the Kitchen

Host Robbie Doherty invites food influencer, writer, culinary instructor and award-winning chef Ilona Daniel to get into the kitchen where she teaches him how to prepare fun, easy, and affordable recipes for busy families.

Right Under My Roof

Right Under My Roof follows the comedic love triangle of two brothers and one’s girlfriend. Mark’s long-lost brother, Sammy, moves in. With Mark always at work, it leaves Sammy and Maria at home with nothing but each other and their video cameras.

Food is Me

Starting a restaurant in Canada is a leap of faith. Food is Me goes behind the counter of five Hamilton establishments to uncover the stories behind the food they are known for.

The Art of Coffee

The Art of Coffee unveils the secrets hidden within a cup of coffee by connecting with professionals from the industry in Quebec City.


In a sloppy attempt to straighten out and fly right, Bike takes on a job running errands for a shady real estate lawyer. Becoming the only witness to a drive-by shooting, Bike’s ambiguously skewed moral compass goes topsy-turvy when he may be endangering everyone in his life, including his daughter and her mother.

Come Home Queer

Come Home Queer is a joyous, fun celebration of 2SLGBTQ+ culture & history with local people in a small outport town in Newfoundland.

Gina’matimg: Time of Learning

Four youth from Epekwitk are tasked with seeking knowledge that will assist them in a 24-hour survival challenge. What will the elders and allies teach them, and will it be enough to survive the challenge? Who will make it to the end?

Skateparks: Places to Thrive

Delving into the profound impact of skateparks. Through personal narratives, the series highlights how skateparks provide a safe haven, fostering creativity, physical fitness, and personal growth. Witness the raw energy and inspiring stories that make skateparks in Winnipeg and beyond catalysts for positive change.

Aboriginal In Appearance

Aboriginal in Appearance delves into the rich tapestry of First Nations culture. Through informative and intriguing profiles, the voices and stories of Manitoba’s First Peoples are amplified through a journey of discovery. From art and traditions to personal narratives, this series invites you to embrace the beauty and resilience of Indigenous communities.

Komunidad Winnipeg

Komunidad Winnipeg celebrates Filipino culture and highlights important Filipino community members in Winnipeg. Follow these figures as they take part in different events and give back to the community, learn about their stories along the way.

Cold Hands Warm Heart

Cold Hands Warm Heart is not how to survive one of the harshest winters in the world, but how Manitobans survive. Follow the stories of what Manitoban’s do to stay warm in the coldest times.

Floating After Farley

Filmmakers Martine & Isaac Blue embark on the last chapter of a personal & profound literary odyssey as they sail iconic writer Farley Mowat’s routes along the southern coast of Newfoundland.