Never Say Die

Genre: Sports

In the small Atlantic Canadian city of Fredericton NB, a twenty year push for a professionally built skatepark is finally being executed by a world class design and construction team, but this storied journey hasn’t been easy. Through local artists, teachers, musicians and creatives - on and off their boards - Never Say Die explores the persistent vision of an eclectic community and skateboarding’s massive influence on their various lifestyles.

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Episode 1

Brier Jacobson and Rodney Mann take us through the allure of skateboarding, the importance of teaching and giving back to the skate community, and the initial political struggles to break ground on a new concrete skatepark.

Episode 2

Jake Pakstas expresses his love for the skateboarding lifestyle and the attraction that pulled him in as a boy, while Max Hennick’s love for skateboarding translates into his work in mathematics and machine learning.

Episode 3

Kurtis Shea discusses his early years as a young prospect and takes us to a legendary local skate spot, as illustrator Marc Landry designs a new board with his unique style having been inspired by a lifetime of skateboarding.

Episode 4

Senior design manager for New Line Skateparks Bill Gurney takes us from the impetus to the execution of the new park while facing inclement weather, as Robert Nicholson explains how his transition from hockey goaltender to skateboarder has led to a fulfilling lifestyle.

Episode 5

Musician and Composer Zachary Greer cites skateboarding as his major influence and as the construction of the park nears completion, the question becomes will he or anyone get to skate it before the snow falls.

Episode 6

Decade long staple of the skate scene, owner of the local shop, and founder of Skateboard Fredericton Inc. Brian Muir has been lobbying to get a new park for twenty years. With construction finally complete, he looks back at how it started and what it feels like to skate a park of this caliber in his own city.

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