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Masters of Photography

Director: Mark Hemmings
Genre: Lifestyle

Masters of Photography is a new television series that showcases the incredible talent of six New Brunswick photographers. In this series professional photographer Mark Hemmings interviews each photographer, and joins them on a photo shoot. In each episode, the audience gets a behind the scenes look at a professional photo shoot — discovering both the technical and aesthetic elements that come together to make the perfect photograph. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about landscape, wedding, documentary, portrait, nature, and product photography, you’ve come to the right place!

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Episode 1 - Product & Still Life Photography with Kelly Lawson

Kelly Lawson is an acclaimed photographer who, among other genres, excels at product photography. In this episode Kelly will show you how to create inexpensive product and still life photographs using any camera, even a mobile device such as an iPhone or Android. During the actual photo shoots you will also see some of Kelly’s favourite images, and find out what inspires her to keep photographing.

Episode 2 - Aerial Photography with Nate Gaffney

Nate Gaffney is a Wolastoqiyik First Nations photographer who deeply understands how photography can capture the heart and soul of the land. Nate’s work as an aerial drone videographer, nature and wildlife photographer is well respected. His images and aerial clips hint at a rich heritage of people who love and connect with the land.

Episode 3 - Landscape Photography with James Wilson

James Wilson is a professional fine art photographer who creates incredibly beautiful landscape photographs. Join us as we visit James on one of his early morning photo shoots at his favourite marsh. You will discover the philosophy behind his landscapes, and also learn some technical tricks to benefit your own landscape photography.

Episode 4 - Photo Journalism with Chris Donovan

Chris Donovan is an internationally recognized documentary and photo journalism photographer. His work has been shown in many prestige publications. Chris explains both the technical and philosophical aspects of his chosen photographic genre, and by the end of this episode you will have a much better understanding and appreciation of photo journalism and documentary photography.

Episode 5 - Wedding Photography with Sherry Brown

Sherry Brown is a wedding photographer who understands the delicate balance of both technical and aesthetic choices when it comes to photographing a wedding successfully. Those choices can make or break a wedding photo session, but Sherry shows how to not only capture a wedding technically, but more importantly, how to add the soul element to wedding photography.

Episode 6 - Fine Art Portrait Photography with Kate Tadic

Kate Tadic is a very talented fine art portrait photographer who specializes in moody and evocative images of people in diverse locations. You will enjoy seeing her work, and also watch how she handles a live photo shoot with one of her models. You will also get an insight into her work by viewing some of her favorite photographs.

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